Julian Assange’s Extradition Is Wrong No Matter How You View It

Regardless of why you think the extradition of Assange should happen, it is still wrong. Even if you think, somehow, that they are bringing him here to testify, what they will do to him in the process is deplorable. His arrest and extradirion are based on lies and political motivation.

His imprisonment in the U.K. in a high securiry prison known as “Hellmarsh” and “Britain’s Gitmo” is against every human rights standard available. He is ill according to John Pilger who visited him in prison and tweeted about it and is not receiving the much need health care he needs.

I visited Julian #Assange in prison. He has been ill, but his courage is astonishing. He is locked up for up to 23 hours. Let no one doubt he is a political prisoner, fraudulent events in Sweden included. His crime is truthful journalism. Shame on those who feign otherwise.

~John Pilger

Add to the lack of health care the fact that he is in solitary confinement 23 hours a day and you see he is being tortured.

Not to mention the whole damn thing is politically motivated and not once has either Mueller or the Trump administration offered to have him testify. Even then, it his right not to do so by law.

Once he is in the U.S., the means in which they would extract information from Assange is torture plain and simple.

The fact that he is in jail at all is based on a political agenda to silence him and an attack on press freedom and free speech. By any law in the US or in the U.K. he is a journalist who exposed corruption and war crimes through the means of publication. He is only guilty of doing his job, creating new ways for journalists to protect their sources and inventing a better, modern way of publishing documents. He is also guilty of calling us to think for ourselves.

Meanwhile the brutality of the U.S. military complex in Iraq and Afghanistan goes unpunished and even celebrated by the elite. The U.S. government has not learned anything from their regime changes. Young men are still being sent overseas to meet their deaths. Chaos still ensues in these countries. They are still bombing and killing innocent people. Most of all, people like John Bolton are still calling for war in the name of democracy basing these calls on lies!

We cannot let a truthteller like Julian Assange be extradited to meet his demise. We must rise up and demand his freedom and proper health care for this man. We cannot allow them to slowly martyr him in prison. Please do not let this man die for telling us the truth! Fight for his life as if it is your own!

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