The War on Our Freedom Has Just Begun

While US military complex wages war on oil rich countries like Iran and Venezuela, the Trump administration continues its war on our freedom of press and free speech. Every day, we see more and more fascist actions by the likes of John Bolton and Mike Pompeo. It appears the man who promised to Make America Great Again was either buffaloing us or lying to himself. Even the best of us were deceived by this well dressed conman aka used car salesman.

As more of our freedoms and rights are violated through the arrest and unreal abuse of Assange and Manning, we are fed propaganda and garbage by the MSM to lead us all blindly over the edge. Instead of us uniting against the 1%, we argue and fight and declare sex strikes and call eachother names. All the while, the U.S. government is becoming a fascist state led by tyrranical bastards who want power and money. We are fools if we allow this to continue.

A precedent is being set right before your very eyes to remove our rights and people yell traitor and rapist rather than look at the politically motivated smear machine selling us garbage to martyr the truthtellers.

The U.S. military machine is the biggest, most expensive apparatus the world has ever seen and could easily be used to destroy it’s own people. Yet we stand back and let them use our tax dollars to keep making it larger. Why does the United States need to spend trillions on military unless it truly is looking to rule the world? NWO anyone?

Stop spending your life arguing about who is right the red or the blue and realize they divide us to conquer us. You want America Great Again? Fight for it TOGETHER! Stop arguing over stupid shit and unite against those who seek to destroy our freedom. Wake up America!

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