Is Julian Assange A Modern Day Prophet?

I guess it depends on how you define prophet Many regard a prophet as someone who speaks for God. One definition is an authoritative person who can see the future. Some would consider a prophet a man who shares the truth with others. Julian certainly is a truth teller and many of his predictions on AI and our being the last free generation are true.

Another definition I have come across is:

A person who advocates or speaks in a visionary way about a new cause or theory

This definitely describes Assange as he brought new ways for journalists to protect their sources and literally modernized publishing through Wikileaks. Regardless of what you call Assange, he is persecuted for sharing the truth about governments. No high official or leader wants his corruption brought into the public eye.

His arrest isn’t anything but politically motivated and that includes the allegations from Sweden.

In the Old testament prophets went to the kings and convicted them of their sinful practices. They were given warnings to stop them, or face judgement. In today’s digital world, Wikileaks has exposed the corruption of world leaders and governments. You could say that in itself, is a warning to the corrupt, and a chance to clean up their act. It’s not looking good! The battle between Truth and deception is raging, and we must win. For those who are awake, actions and prayers are our weapons.

Throughout history they have silenced the truthtellers, killed our prophets and assassinated those who question power. So tell me folks, isn’t it high time we stopped letting them martyr our prophets?

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