Assange’s Lawyer Speaks Out About Assange’s Personal Belongings Being Handed Over to the U.S.

Julian Assange’s lawyer, Baltazar Garcon, says that “Ecuador’s handing over of Assange’s personal belongings to the United States is an absolute violation of the institution of asylum.”

In an earlier article titled Ecuador To Do A Search and Seizure and Send Assange’s Belongings to US, I share the following:

The Ecuadorian Prosecutor’s Office notifies the defense of Julian Assange that on May 20 at 9am the search and seizure of the evidence that was in the possession of JULIAN ASSANGE at the Embassy of Ecuador in London will be made. There are appointed experts.

Garcon also stated:

“The systematic violation of Julian Assange’s rights is going above and beyond what anyone could have imagined.”

By violating Assange’s rights in this matter, they set a precedent for all of us. Every right that is violated is another attack on ours. This case cannot be ignored by the citizens of any country that values their civil liberties and freedom in general. This is no longer just an encroachment on freedom of press or free speech, it is about countries exploiting our basic rights to privacy, asylum and our rights to evidence that has not been tampered with.

In no free country should solitary confinement be a norm for a man who is sentenced simply for breaching bail. It is also wrong to put that same person in a high security prison. The only charge against him from the U.S. is supposedly attempting to hack a government computer. Assange is in no way a violent offender and does not belong in a high security prison where Britain’s most dangerous are imprisoned.

Secondly, by removing Assange’s personal property the way it was done, there was no court order or search warrant which is illegal.. By law, to seize property as evidence there must be a court order. This enables law enforcement to simply take evidence and violate our rights.

The more I watch this play out the more terrified I become. It appears the U.S. is becoming an authoritarian, totalitarian fascist state. If the U.S. government can violate the rights of a publisher who did nothing but share the truth, what can it do to any one of us who speaks out?

Will this set a legal example for the future that once arrested the authorities can illegally seize your property as evidence without warrant to do so? Are we standing on the edge of our freedom about to jump off? When international law is ignored in a case like this, how else will it be ignored in the future?

Assange deserves to be treated fairly just as everyone of us does. There is no exception. I’ve seen serial killers treated with more respect. This is an embarassment to the U.S. and Trump should hang his head. This is a disgusting attack on human rights by a country who proclaims it is humanitarian, fair and just.

The bombardment on us all through this case has also shown the lack of empathy by our fellow man. We have watched as our government has slowly assassinated Assange. Many have done nothing. Even more have joined in the hateful smears. Only a few have seen what this really is us and fought against it. Wake up people! This will be used against you too!

May God intervene and save this man from destruction. It is obvious he cannot count on most people to save him.

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