The Campaign Against Assange by the U.S. Reminds Me of “The Godfather”

The movie “The Godfather” is an unforgettable saga of a mafia family and their wars and rise to prominence. Along the way, they murder their enemies and get even with those who go against them. The most famous quote from the movie is when Vito Corleone says, “Make him an offer he can’t refuse.” Their vendetta towards those who cross them continues with the generations.

The recent arrest of Assange and extradition brings that movie to mind. Why you ask? It appears as though the U.S. has a grudge and they want revenge against this publisher for exposing their corruption.

Let me explain. The mafia was known for it’s paid off judges, it’s bribes,it’s need for vengeance and it’s utterly evil style of bullying people in the community into submission. They were criminals who were loyal only to their own. They weren’t afraid to extinguish the competition and take over areas owned by other families. It sounds familiar, doesn’t it? Only the U.S. is doing but on a grander scale.

The U.S. government made a deal with Ecuador. A 4.6 billion dollar loan for the eviction of Assange. After Assange’s arrest, Ecuador withheld his belongings and are now turning them over to the United States to be used in his prosecution. I believe Moreno is giving the Godfather a gift to thank him.

After 243 years, the U.S. government is running like a bad mafia movie. We are bullying and bribing our enemies. If you cross us, we simply annihilate you. Look at Iraq and Saddam Hussein or Libya and Ghadaffi. We call you an ally as long as you do what we tell you to.

The U.S. government has a vendetta against Assange for exposing their lies and publishing the crimes of their hitman style military. Assange exposed a mass murderer and now the “family” wants to make him pay.

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