Julian Assange Is The 4.6 Billion Dollar Man: The Hero Who Exposed Corruption in High Places

Imagine being worth 4.6 billion dollars to the U.S. government. Yes, you heard right. The U.S. gave Ecuador a 4.6 billion dollar IMF loan in exchange for the eviction and arrest of Julian Assange. Why? Because in 2010 he began exposing the military’s war crimes in Afghanistan and Iraq by publishing cables he received from Chelsea Manning.

Why is this so important now you ask? The International Criminal Court started an investigation into alleged abuse of the Geneva Convention in Afghanistan for one. This investigation was blocked by Trump himself. Why is the U.S. so desperate to hide it’s criminal behavior from the world? Why are they so afraid of one man and his organization?

I’ve discussed in length the precedent this sets against press freedom and free speech. Recently, Ecuador and the U.S. have showed personal property can be stolen and legal systems bought. The more this case unravels the more unsafe I feel. We should all be afraid. The horrifying fact is the U.S. government’s power reaches worldwide and no one is safe from their overrreach.

I am almost afraid to see what comes next. When the heroes of this world end up in jail on “trumped” up charges and the villians run free to do what they please, something is very wrong with society. People, stop celebrating the evil. See it for what it is and open your eyes before it is too late!

Assange is resilient and courageous but he is a man. His extradition will destroy him. We can’t let this happen. If I have to I will camp outside the White House lawn or sit my ass in front of the prison in protest! I will hang a banner on the statue of liberty! Please join me in the fight to save the real billion dollar man. He is the real hero!

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