Ecuador to Do Search and Seizure And Send Assange’s Belongings to US

In a tweet today from Ana Maria Canazares the following was translated:

The Ecuadorian Prosecutor’s Office notifies the defense of Julian Assange that on May 20 at 9am the search and seizure of the evidence that was in the possession of JULIAN ASSANGE at the Embassy of Ecuador in London will be made. There are appointed experts.

It appears that Assanges electrical devices will be sent to the U.S. as evidence to be used against him in the new grand jury being held in Virginia. However, it is unneccesary for Ecuador to hold his clothes etc. They have held his belongings since his arrest April 11th.

Ecuador rescinded his political asylum with no chance for appeal illegally against international law resulting in the arrest and extradition warrant from the U.S. government. Currently, Assange is serving 50 weeks for breaching bail in Belmarsh prison in the UK and fighting his extradition.

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