Could Julian Assange Receive Asylum from Switzerland?

A group of lawyers have asked Switzerland to grant Julian Assange asylum in Switzerland. The 22 lawyers have asked on the basis of civil society, press freedom and human rights. The group l stated that Wikileaks’ platform is important to investigative journalism.

If Assange is not extradited to the U.S. this would be a good place for him to go after he is released if asylum is granted. Protecting this hero would go down in history as a great achievement by Switzerland.

One of the lawyers requesting his asylum is Marcel Bossonet who acted as Edward Snowden’s lawyer according to lenews.

This request comes at a much needed time as Assange faces the death penalty in the U.S. under the outdated Espionage Act. We as individuals need to step up and help protect this award-winning Nobel Peace Prize nominee. In truth, he stands for our human rights as individuals and deserves his freedom.

Currently Assange is incarcerated in Belmarsh prison for 50 weeks serving a sentence for breached baul. He is fighting the extradition to the U.S. in Britain’s court system.

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