U.N.’s Specialist On Torture To Visit Assange in Belmarsh Prison

A U.N. official will visit Julian Assange in Belmarsh Prison to assess the treatment of him while he has been incarcerated today. According to7news.com.au:

Professor Nils Melzer, the UN’s Special Rapporteur on Torture, is scheduled to arrive at Belmarsh Prison in south London on Thursday, followed by meetings with relevant authorities.

UN human rights experts have already voiced concern about the “disproportionate” sentence given to Assange, as well as his detention in the high-security prison.

The UN Working Group on Arbitrary Detention said it was “deeply concerned” about the “disproportionate” sentence imposed on Assange for a bail violation.

If there is any obvious signs that Assange has been mistreated in any way, we will soon find out. Assange currently is in his cell 23 hours a day with only half an hour outdoors if weather permits. He was jailed April 11th after his arrest.

23 hours in his cell constitutes solitary confinement. The Nelson Mandela Act states anything over 15 days is considered torture and a violation of his human rights.

Assange was also put in solitary confinement for 8 months via Ecuador in 2018. The list of violations against his human rights continues to grow and are immense already.

We must continue to be his voice during his torment. We must yell for his freedom from the rooftops and not stop for a moment. Free Assange!

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