40 Emails and Extortion of 30 Million Euros Demanded of Wikileaks

In an article by ecuadorian mediato.com the following was translated from Spanish:

Through 40 emails, sent between March 8 and April 10, the extortion from Spain was made to the Australian journalist and founder of WikiLeaks, Julian Assange, according to the SER chain, who had access to these ’emails’. The emails were always between the Spanish journalist José ‘Pepe’ Martín Santos, the alleged head of the extortionists, and Kristinn Hrafnsson, the chief editor of Wikileaks.
Through these messages, ‘Pepe’ would have informed Hrafnsson that he had audio, video and photographs of the private areas of the Embassy of Ecuador in London, where Assange had been a refugee since June 2012. In order not to release him to the media of communication, the extortionists asked for 3 million euros.

Among the materials -according to the extortionist to the editor-in-chief of WikiLeaks- was an audio from Assange in which the activist talks about a meeting that would have been held by the president of Ecuador, Lenin Moreno , and the US secretary of state. , Mike Pompeo. Presumably, in that material the Australian computer scientist is heard saying that ‘they have sold him and that he fears for his life’.

In other emails, the extortionists propose a meeting with Hrafnsson, which finally took place in Madrid on March 30, as reported by the head of WikiLeaks.

Since then Santos and a computer programmer whose name has not been released have been arrested on extortion charges in Spain. The question I raise is how did Santos and his group get the videos and documents to begin with unless Ecuador either leaked them or Santos purchased them from Ecuador?

This is a blatant invasion of Assange’s privacy and hurts his legal defense team as well as a breach of lawyer to client confidentiality. Plus his visits with doctors were also recorded. Assange was a political refugee in the embassy and had certain rights because he was a citizen of Ecuador. Those rights have been violated and he deserves compensation not only for invasion of privacy, his mistreatment by Ecuador but also for being sold to the U.S. like cattle.

It is a disgrace that the treatment of Assange is happening in todays modern world. We are supposed to be civilized Western nations and it seems we are returning to the Dark Ages when an innocent publisher is tortured for truth. This is not just a travesty but a disgusting display of a super power trying to cover up their crimes. It is a horrible abomination that a country like Ecuador can sell it’s citizen and refugee for an IMF loan.

Truly we have not learned from history but relive it. We have returned to the days when truth tellers were murdered for releasing honest information. When will we stand up for what is right and true?

The extortion of the Wikileaks founder and his arrest leaves a stain that can never be erased from our history.

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