Opinion Piece: This Isn’t Just About Maduro and Venezuela

This is about influencing elections and destroying the people’s choice to put in who the U.S. empire wants in. It’s about bullying smaller countries because they have an oil surplus. It’s about overthrowing governments so the eich can line their pockets on the backs of poor 3rd world countries.

I want you to imagine the outrage if the EU came to the U.S. and ousted our President for a leader of their choice. Their excuse is humanitarian reasons because we have homeless and don’t have healthcare for everyone. Yet their real reason is Europe needs our resources.Yeah, it’s kind of like that.

In my article Oil, U.S. Backed Coups and The CIA I give a comprehensive list of the many countries in which the U.S. has tried to stage an intervention since WW2. Why is it our business when we can’t even fix our own nation’s problems? The truth is that the rich are so greedy!

It really is disgusting the death and destruction we are causing and the outrageous military bill we foot as tax payers as the world’s police. No other country comes even close in military spending.

Meanwhile 18 year old kids are used to kill. They come home with severe PTSD, end up on the streets and many eventually kill themselves. On average 44 vets a day commit suicide. They are used and thrown away like trash.

I don’t necessarily support Maduro or any other country’s leaders. I am just sick of our country fighting unneeded wars and interfering in other nations and then sending our young boys to police the chaos we caused. This is costing lives and I am sick of it!

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