Julian Assange’s Belongings Are Being Held By Ecuadorian Embassy

If it is not bad enough Ecuador illegally revoked his asylum status leading to his immediate arrest by British police, Ecuador has refused to allow Assange’s lawyers to collect his things. Imnediately after the arrest, the London police began sorting through his belongings but when Krisstin Hraffnsson and a lawyer requested his stuff, the staff at the Embassy refused.

This is not only an example of police doing an illegal search but theft by Ecuador. A video where Wikileaks’ editor, Krisstin Hraffnsson, speaks about being denied entry to get Assange’s things can be seen here.

It simply is a crime that after what Ecuador put Assange through in the last year, they would steal his belongings. What is the point to this unless it’s throwing salt into a wound or acting like a spoiled child?

According to an RT article seen here, Hraffson stated:

“I sent them an email and told them I would be there at 3 o’clock with a full mandate from Julian Assange, his family and friends and that I am the editor-in-chief of the WikiLeaks. They did not open the door. It is disgraceful,” Hrafnsson told a crowd of around 50 Assange supporters that had gathered in front of the embassy following the publisher’s extradition hearing.

Hrafnsson told the gathering that the actions of the embassy staff amount to nothing less than a “theft”. He said that he called the police in an attempt to secure their help in retrieving property belonging to the WikiLeak’s co-founder. “But they declined to do so as they said it was not theft because those were not MY belongings,” he said.

Eventually, Hrafnsson managed to grab the attention of a police patrol walking down the street near the embassy and convinced them to enter the embassy to sort it out. However, police did not have any luck either and returned empty-handed while telling Hrafnsson that he should have arranged a formal meeting with the Ecuadorian diplomats.”

Ecuador has shown it’s complete disrespect for international law and it’s own Constitution by evicting Assange and recording his every move and copying documents from his lawyers. It is obvious they have sold much of this material as two men were arrested Wednesday in an extortion attempt against Wikileaks using material from the Embassy. The Ecuador government under President Lenin Moreno has embarrassed itself internationally by bowing to the U.S.

It should be noted what an act of villainy stealing a man’s belongings is, who is incarcerated due to your lack of respect for asylum. Ecuador is guilty as charged.

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