Why Assange Fears Extradition to the U.S.

Julian Assange’s greatest fear may be realized if he is extradited to the U.S. to face espionage charges. Not only can an individual receive the death penalty under these charges but there is evidence that Assange will also be tortured.

In a summary of the court hearing seen here by Catherine Brown, the defense shows the torture techniques used on Chelsea Manning which included one year in solitary confinement.

She was held in military detention under conditions of sleep deprivation, kept naked, and forced to parade as such in front of military personnel.

Just to remind you, there were two cases involved the surrender of people by Sweden to Egypt – a state well known to practice torture – with the active assistance of America. They are not isolated cases, as the judgments make clear, and America’s involvement can be made clear at para 10.2 of the [Aguisa – sp.?] judgement, in which the circumstances of their expulsion are set out.

[The details of the people involved in one such case:] They were handcuffed at Stockholm airport. A private plane of the US landed. They were stripped – their clothes were cut off them. Suppositories were placed in their penises. They were dressed in nappies. They were chained to specially-designed stress harnesses for the duration of their transit.

Assange also received threats of kidnapping, further torture as I share below as well as threats of assassination and Hillary Clinton wanted to “drone him”.

Another statement found in the Wikileaks Stratfor emails states:

Burton also says he “would pursue [c]onspiracy and [p]olitical [t]errorism charges and declassify the death of a source someone which [he] could link to Wiki” (1074383). Burton’s strategy is to: “[b]ankrupt the arsehole first,” Burton states, “ruin his life. Give him 7-12 yrs for conspiracy.”

“The owner [Julian Assange] is a peacenik. He needs his head dunked in a full toilet bowl at Gitmo.”

This simply is disgusting and shows the attitude of the U.S. government’s desire to destroy the Wikileaks founder. Trump recently promoted Gina Haspel to CIA director even though she is known to have committed atrocities through the CIA torture program exposed by John Kiriakou. Trump also stated in 2010 (see CNN article here):

I think it’s disgraceful, I think there should be like death penalty or something,” Trump said during the quick exchange uncovered online by CNN’s KFile.

The obvious evidence that Assanges life is in danger if extradited and the evidence suggesting he will be tortured should stop U.S. extradition. However, with today’s hearing results it is unknown if the broken judiciary system in the U.K. will rule justly in this case.

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