Julian Assange Is Being Extradited For Exposing Mass Murder


Brilliant detective uncovers the trail of a mass murderer. Spends days and hours deliberating over the evidence trying to protect his source. Finally, he goes to the prosecuting attorney for a warrant to arrest the criminal. He’s excited, all his time and effort is about to pay off.

To his surprise, he is arrested instead because the murderer is the chief of Police. They frame him by saying he raped two local women who came forward not on rape charges, but because they wanted the detective to be tested for STDs.

The mass murderer is ignored in the sweep of the rape charges and continues his spree.

It takes 5 years for the detective to prove his innocence but still they hold him illegally. During those 5 years, the detective receives honors for the work he has done in the community. Finally, the judge decides he should face charges for his investigative work.

Can you imagine the backlash once this hit the public?!? Wait! Why does this story sound familiar?

This is Julian Assange only on a much smaller scale. The Wikileaks founder exposed mass murder by doing his job and now he may face the death penalty for being a great journalist. He saw within the Collateral Murder video and the many cables he received war crimes that disturbed him as it would any compassionate, empathetic man. He had to choose between his own safety and going public which would take away some of the best years of his life. He chose us over himself. Yet a judge recently called him “narcissistic”.

Truly, Julian Assange is going to be extradited and face espionage charges and possibly the death penalty because the U.S. government wants to cover up their mass murders and international crimes against the Geneva Convention.

Going after Assange would be like if the U.S. government had went after Woodward and Bernstein for exposing Watergate and prosecuting them. Our President should see the dangerous precedent he is setting against the First Amendment. Instead he is blinded by the people he surrounded himself within his administration. Also he is too busy waging a war on the media for what he calls “Fake News.” My question is, if it’s so bad, why isnt he suing them for slander and libel instead of attacking press freedom?

Meanwhile, an innocent man sits in Britain’s “Gitmo” for failing to appear and breaching bail when he sought asylum to protect himself. This is more than just a tragedy but a catastrophe and an example of the corruption in government. This is happening because people are to complacent and passive and have lost their ability to care about others.

We are allowing a mass murderer to continue it’s spree while charging the man who investigated and exposed their crimes. How’s that for justice?

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