What Assange is Going Through IS Individual vs. States

By taking away his rights, torturing him and preparing him to be extradited to face espionage, the scheme to destroy Assange has shown the world what Western Civilization really thinks about our rights. It literally exposes what happens to a person who says, “Hey, what you are doing isn’t wrong!”,when they are faced with government corruption. It also displays how powerful the U.S. has become as an empire.

The U.S. elite continue to bully other countries into submission by using economic strategies, CIA propaganda, and sometimes even violence. It’s the classic elementary bully stealing your lunch money or get beaten up tactic. In the case of Assange, it’s more like a kindergartener standing up to 6 high school football players in uniform. He really doesn’t stand a chance and neither would any of us.

The only real chance Assange has at protection from the vengeance of the warmongers in the U.S. is us. Individually we cannot stand against Government power. They easily destroy us. United we can do nearly anything however. Standing together as one huge force we have the power to end this for the man who gave up his freedom and possibly the rest of his life for truth and justice.

His voice matters just as our does! We can put a stop to the end of Assange these rulers seek! We can stand up for justice and fight for him just as he fought for us! It’s not often we meet a real life hero who made a big impact on our lives as well as others. We need to protect Assange with everything we have!

Another reason we need to do this is for his children. They haven’t had the influence and love they deserve. He hasn’t been able to hug them in 8 long years. There is nothing better than a good hug from your daddy.

The U.S. and U.K. government are guilty of child neglect by detaining him illegally for so long. As a daughter myself, I know how important having a father nearby is. The emotional trauma his children have been through must be devastating.

For those who love him watching this tragedy unfold must be crushing and heartbreaking. We must remember Julian Assange is a man. He is a father, brother, son and friend. He is a human just like us. He loves and is loved. I cannot imagine the gutwrenching pain his family is experiencing and knowing what little they can do for him.

So we must unite and do what is necessary to free him. He deserves a happy ending with the sun in his face and family and friends by his side. We cannot let them win! We cannot let the U.S. destroy one of the greatest journalists, humanitarians and heroes of our time!

One thought on “What Assange is Going Through IS Individual vs. States

  1. Ally

    A very good summary of the situation. As far as the British judiciary is concerned, the normal precedent for dealing with someone in breach of their bail conditions is completely disproportionate. Couple this with the fact that the original Swedish charge against him, has been dropped and would be unlikely to be successful anyway, then he should have been freed already.
    But of course, the persecution of Julian Assange was never about his sexual conduct in Sweden, it was only ever an illegal vehicle to hold him until the U.S charges were incepted.


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