U.K. shows Their Weak Backbone in Assange Sentencing

After Assange’s defense showed reasonable cause for Julian to breach bail and seek asylum, Judge Deborah Taylor, said “This is outside the highest offence level he is charged with.” His supporters groaned “No” and were shushed by the clerks.Judge Taylor also made the statement, “It was not for you to decide your participation in the investigation. Your continued residency has cost £16m of tax payers money – no one is above the reach of the law. Thirdly you have not surrendered willingly.” She then sentenced Assange to 50 weeks in prison.Supporters outside were chanting so loudly after the sentencing it could be heard in the courtroom. Obvious disgust and outrage were clear. Wikileaks stated in the tweet below they have grave concerns about Julian receiving a fair extradition hearing.The U.K. justice system is blatantly compromised by U.S. pressure in this case. Assange obviously will face the death penalty if extradited but U.K. judges are biased against the Wikileaks founder. Extraditing a prisoner who could face death is against U.K. law.Defense pointed out the many threats from the U.S. government plus the possibilty of torture as well as his declining health.

“He has been a resilient man but that has taken its tool. There is a letter from a Dr, he speaks in 2017 about Assange becoming introverted, sad, degraded and insecure.”

As though Assange has not suffered enough during his illegal detainment in the Ecuadorian Embassy in London, he now may face worse yet.According to Jordan Milne’s Twitter feed, the Defense also stated:

Addressing the judge, Mr Assange’s defence says it is “crucially important that you understand the difference between refoulement and extradition”. The suggestion being that one operates “outside the legal process” and could lead to torture.

According to the dictionary the definition of refoulement is as follows:the forcible return of refugees or asylum seekers to a country where they are liable to be subjected to persecution.This is definitely the case of Mr. Assange as Ecuador willingly participated in the eviction of their own asylee. In fact, President Moreno accepted a 4.6 billion dollar IMF just days after Assange’s arrest.Truthfully, the U.K. has bent over in this case and allowed the U.S. to bully them into submission. All I have to say is they are a bunch of cowards!

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