Oil, U.S. Backed Coups and the CIA

With the U.S. backed coup attempt in Venezuela today and the obvious lies about humanitarian intervention, I decided to do an article on the U.S. governments attempts and successful operations to take over and influence major oil-producing countries.

Largest proven oil reserves on earth:

1. Venezuela🇻🇪

2. Saudi Arabia🇸🇦

3. Canada🇨🇦

4. Iran🇮🇷

5. Iraq🇮🇶

6. Kuwait🇰🇼

7. UAE🇦🇪

8. Russia🇷🇺

9. Libya🇱🇾

10. Nigeria🇳🇬

The US is directly pursuing regime change or has executed regime change against 4 of these countries in 16 years. Now let’s take a good look at what the U.S. has done elsewhere since WW2 according to williamblum.org:

Instances of the United States overthrowing, or attempting to overthrow, a foreign government since the Second World War. (* indicates successful ouster of a government)

China 1949 to early 1960s

Albania 1949-53

East Germany 1950s

Iran 1953

*Guatemala 1954

*Costa Rica mid-1950s

Syria 1956-7

Egypt 1957

Indonesia 1957-8

British Guiana 1953-64

*Iraq 1963

*North Vietnam 1945-73

Cambodia 1955-70

*Laos 1958 *, 1959 *, 1960 *Ecuador 1960-63

*Congo 1960

*France 1965

Brazil 1962-64

*Dominican Republic 1963 *Cuba 1959 to present

Bolivia 1964

*Indonesia 1965

*Ghana 1966

*Chile 1964-73

*Greece 1967

*Costa Rica 1970-71

Bolivia 1971

*Australia 1973-75

*Angola 1975, 1980s

Zaire 1975

Portugal 1974-76

*Jamaica 1976-80

*Seychelles 1979-81

Chad 1981-82

*Grenada 1983

*South Yemen1982-84

Suriname 1982-84

Fiji 1987

*Libya 1980s

Nicaragua 1981-90

*Panama 1989

*Bulgaria 1990

*Albania 1991

*Iraq 1991

Afghanistan 1980s

*Somalia 1993

Yugoslavia 1999-2000

*Ecuador 2000

*Afghanistan 2001 *Venezuela 2002

*Iraq 2003

*Haiti 2004

*Somalia 2007 to present

Honduras 2009

*Libya 2011

*Syria 2012

Ukraine 2014 *

You can now add Venezuela a second time. As stated in a WashingtonPost article seen here:

1. Between 1947 and 1989, the United States tried to change other nations’ governments 72 times

That’s a remarkable number. It includes 66 covert operations and six overt ones.

The Washington Post article itself is rubbish regarding #Russiagate but it does point this fact out.If the U.S. government gets involved in these countries in the name of humanitarian crises then why does chaos ensue and the U.S. military have to constantly enforce it’s “humanitarian” efforts? People generally want to better themselves so why would they resist the U.S. military helping them? Could it be the way in which they supposedly aid these people with sanctions, war crimes and military actions that often involve ignoring the Geneva convention? Their lives are destroyed if not ended?image.JPG

An intelligent individual would realize the government does this for corporate gain and not for the people of those countries.  The politicians involved scream, “Democracy! Democracy!” while they line their pockets and kill numerous young people and foreign citizens in that name.  They claim to help when in fact, they destroy and leave chaos behind.

There is nothing humanitarian about sanctioning another country or bombing it.  It doesn’t just hurt their governments but destroys their people.  Often Americans wonder why foreigners are hostile to U.S. citizens.  Imagine if another country came in and overthrew our government, sanctioned and starved our people and then bombed our homes.  How would we feel?

In an article by RT.com seen here,  Trump’s adviser John Bolton admits the real reason for pushing a coup in Venezuela and guess what it has nothing to do with aiding their people:

Speaking to Fox Business host Trish Regan, Bolton said that the US had “a lot at stake” in Venezuela’s political crisis, specifically citing the country’s oil and the economic benefit it could bring to the US.

During a separate appearance on Fox Business, Bolton was less explicit, telling host Stuart Varney that getting rid of Maduro was paramount since he was bringing “countries with interests hostile to ours” into the country and ousting him would be a “potential major step forward”  for “business” opportunities in the region.

As Trump threatens more sanctions against the two remaining countries in South America who haven’t bowed to the U.S. empire, which are Venezuela and Cuba, it appears the U.S. backed coup lead by Juan Guiado has failed as Venezuelan citizens are against the change in leadership. Meanwhile, in the U.S., protestors such as Lee Stranahan, John Kiriakou, Kevin Zeese, and many others are standing against a take over by Guiado’s people at the Venezuelan Embassy in Washington D.C. They are prevailing as well.D5WDLl8W4AAhlDK.jpg

The U.S. needs to end its constant intervention in other countries and take care of its own problems.  The corporate greed problem in the U.S. can be solved very easily if the elected officials are put on notice.  If you can’t make money off of war, wouldn’t that essentially end most U.S. wars and bring peace?  Think of how many needless wars and soldiers’ deaths we could have avoided if the people had control instead of the voracious, selfish individuals we have elected.  Isn’t it time?


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