How Julian Assange Inspired Me and Changed My Life

Prior to supporting Assange, my life had become one miserable day after another in an unhappy relationship I couldn’t bring myself to get out of. I was miserable. All the talent I had was buried in my soul as I lived a same day routine and pretended surviving was good enough. You would have never dreamed the teenager who fought so hard had turned into this overweight mess tiptoeing her way through life. I was 50 lbs overweight, doing a meaningless quality control career and had become somewhat of a hermit and loner.

God heard my prayers in 2016 when I prayed, “God there must be something more to life than this. I want to make a difference for someone.”

His answer was in the 2016 election. I joined a platform called Reddit and started looking into the candidates. Wikileaks was dumping files on the DNC at the time and I couldn’t support Clinton if you threatened to string me up. I decided on Trump as Bernie had been screwed out of the primaries. We know the end result of 2016 and how it divided a nation. Meanwhile, I became aware of the injustices being done to the Wikileaks founder.

It took me about a week to start educating myself on the subject. I read everything I could get my hands on, watched every video and went back to Twitter where I had heard he opened an account. By the time I was done, I had made up my mind. It was time.

My first attempt to help Assange was a White House petition. I only had about 1500 followers at the time and no knowledge of what I was doing. I didn’t realize the site didnt allow you to edit. My first petition was a terrible disaster but I circulated it anyway. When I repeatedly placed it on Wikileaks Tweets and on Assange’s tweets and it was going nowhere I sent it directly to Julian in DM. He told me it was terribly written and he couldn’t support it. I was hurt. I told him he could basically screw himself and I was done supporting him. To my amazement he asked me if I could rewrite it. I did.

As you all know that was the just the beginning. It wasn’t too long before I realized many simply didn’t know the facts on his plight. I started doing memes. I never dreamed I would be attacked as I was. I put my memes on Wikileaks pages, not for attention but for those who were attacking him. Back then I was quite naive. I didnt know about bots, trolls and supporters who found fault in everything you do. I thought I could educate the anti-Assange people I was running into.

Needless to say, I started writing to try and help educate. I was mentored by a friend and was given occasional advice. By the time Assange was gagged I’d spoken to him in DM quite a few times. He gave me advice and answered my questions. I think he realized the time and effort I was putting into this.

What Assange did without even realizing it was he changed my life. I came out of the walls I had built around myself and became a crusader. I suddenly was using talent I forgot I had. My self esteem which had become nonexistent was blooming again because he spoke to me. I remembered my childhood dream of becoming a journalist. Most of all, I broke free from a relationship that kept me down.

I did more than just that though. I organized a DC vigil with Kevin Zeese with speakers like Ray McGovern, Lee Stranahan, Margaret Flowers and Media Benjamin. I spoke along with them. I couldn’t believe what I was doing.

All this time I was having my character destroyed by people however. After a while I expected it and would tell myself to be strong that what Assange was going through was 200 times worse than anything being done to me.

I traveled last Christmas to London to stand watch over Assange as there were fears he would be arrested then. I went to all these vigils by myself. I had never traveled alone until my first vigil in DC and suddenly I was going overseas by myself. I only dreamed of doing something like this before.

So, yes, Assange has changed my life. He inspired me to believe in myself, to fight, to become stronger and become a warrior. I can only hope he knows how thankful I am!

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