Julian Assange’s Life Is In Danger if Charged Under the Espionage Act

If the charge of espionage is filed against Julian Assange (which is likely) his very life is in danger. Under the outdated Espionage Act of 1917, anyone convicted can be given the death penalty.

According to Wikipedia:

The Espionage Act of 1917 is a United States federal law passed on June 15, 1917, shortly after the U.S. entry into World War I. It has been amended numerous times over the years.”

It was intended to prohibit interference with military operations or recruitment, to prevent insubordination in the military, and to prevent the support of United States enemies during wartime. In 1919, the Supreme Court of the United States unanimously ruled through Schenck v. United States that the act did not violate the freedom of speech of those convicted under its provisions. The constitutionality of the law, its relationship to free speech, and the meaning of its language have been contested in court ever since.

This would set a precedent for any journalist who exposes war crimes.”

This act is intended to violate the first amendment and press freedom. It’s sole intent being used today is to silence whistleblowers and the media. If Assange is found guilty under this act, it wil set a precedent for all journalists who publish war crimes details.

Under the Espionage Act, any person who protests a war or the military draft can be found guilty and be sentenced to either 10,000 in fines, life in prison or the death penalty. This act makes it possible for the government to target anyone even pacifists.

Stated in an article at ThoughtCo. seen here:

Just one year after its passage, the Espionage Act of 1917 was extended by the Sedition Act of 1918, which made it a federal crime for any person to use “disloyal, profane, scurrilous, or abusive language” about the U.S. government, the Constitution, the armed forces, or the American flag. Although the Sedition Act was repealed in December of 1920, many people faced charges of sedition in the midst of growing post-war fears of communism. Despite the total repeal of the Sedition Act, several provisions of the Espionage Act of 1917 remain in effect today.

Two well known people charged under this act are Daniel Ellsberg and Chelsea Manning.

Daniel Ellsberg’s case was dismissed after he gave the New York Times the “Pentagon Papers” in 1971.
Manning received 35 years for giving Wikileaks the Collateral Murder video and thousands of cables. His sentence was commuted by President Obama in 2017. However, he was incarcerated again March 8th, 2019 for refusing to testify in a secret grand jury against Wikileaks founder Julian Assange.

The current charge against Assange holds a 5 year sentence for attempting to help Manning “hack” a government computer. There is no substantial evidence it was Assange who did this though. It is likely this simple charge is being used to get the UK to extradite him and then charge him under the Espionage Act.

The act of imprisoning a journalist for publishing war crimes is an unprecedented deed of attacking the First Amendment of the Constitution. The result of this will be deafening as it literally will be used to silence journalists everywhere.

Also, under the NDAA law of 2011 passed by President Obama, Assange could be held indefinitely without trial due to his not being an American citizen. This law would enable the DOJ to imprison him for the rest of his life.

How can a man who simply told us the truth be destroyed by a government who claims to be for freedom and justice? It’s quite simple. The US government including the CIA and FBI have become so corrupt that they truly rule the people of the US. We the People have allowed our government so much power that they have become an empire who can bully smaller countries into submission. This includes the UK.

We have allowed our elected officials to become a plutocracy where the very rich elite govern. When their corruption is exposed as well as their inhumane treatment of the lower classes, they simply jail the one who revealed the truth.

This has to stop or what freedoms we do have will be destroyed. The act of prosecuting Assange is much bigger than it appears. It will destroy democracy and free speech forever. This is an ongoing effort by the elite to gain control of the masses and make us submit to their authority. We have to fight this violation of our rights as individuals as though we are Assange. Simply because we all are!

Chelsea Manning’s Appeal Rejected By 4th Circuit Court of Appeals

Whistleblower Chelsea Manning’s appeal was rejected by the 4th district court of appeals. Manning was jailed when she refused to testify in the grand jury against Julian Assange. She has been incarcerated for 45 days but according to her Twitter account @xychelsea:

“I don’t have anything to contribute to this, or any other grand jury … I will not give up,” she says.

Here is the statement teleased by her lawyers and herself:

Chelsea Manning is well known for the Collateral Murder video published by Wikileaks seen here. She also disclosed thousands of diplomatic cables through Wikileaks. She spent 7 years in prison after being convicted under the ancient espionage act. Her sentence was commuted by Barrack Obama in 2017.

The question being raised is if the only charge against Assange has been revealed, why is Manning still in jail? Assange was arrested 11 days ago in the Ecuadorian embassy in London after the ambassador opened the doors and let police in. Immediately after Assange’s arrest, the US issued an extradition warrant.

Manning already suffered plenty while in prison as she was tortured. According to the article in the Guardian seen here:

Juan Mendez has completed a 14-month investigation into the treatment of Manning since the soldier’s arrest at a US military base in May 2010. He concludes that the US military was at least culpable of cruel and inhumane treatment in keeping Manning locked up alone for 23 hours a day over an 11-month period in conditions that he also found might have constituted torture.

As stated by the U.N.’s Nelson Mandela Act, anything over 15 days in solitary confinement constitutes torture. As she was jailed again for contempt of court, they once again put her in solitary confinement for nearly a month. The US is becoming well known for their torture technique of solitary confinement as they coerced Ecuador into putting Assange in solitary confinement for 8 months while he was an asylee.

According to the law, the US can only hold Manning for 18 months under the contempt of court charge. In the mean time, the right to free speech and free press continues to be under attack.

Pakistani Army kidnapping Children and Making Them “Disappear”

Breaking News: Balochistan, Pakistan:

According to the Baloch Human Rights Organization Pakistani Armed Forces have abducted 8 children in Balochista as well as over 25,000 other individuals and made them disappear :


Pakistan Army sieged Pirandar, Awaran & forcefully kidnapped Shahnaaz, her father Abdul Hai, her son Farhad. Forces also abducted another woman Sanam , her 5 year old son Mallen, newly born daughter Mahdem,her mother-in-law Naazal & her 10 year old brother-in-law Ijaz.

Forces abduct 8 members of the same family from Karachi and Hub Chowki. BHRO

April 22, 2019

“The spokesperson of Baloch Human Rights Organization strongly condemned the incident of enforced disappearances in Balochistan saying that, despite the promises of Balochistan government, enforced disappearances are continued in a consecutive manner which is self-evident of government’s failure.

The constitution of a country guarantees the protection of the lives of its citizens but in Balochistan, human rights law and constitution of Pakistan is constantly being contravened and violated.

In Balochistan, the security forces are involved in enforced disappearances and extrajudicial killings and It is the responsibility of the state to protect the lives and ensure the security of people of Balochistan and to account and punish the perpetrators of the law contravene and provide justice to the people.

He further said on April 20, security forces raided the house of Dil Murad Dur Muhammad in Raees Goth area of Karachi and illegally arrested his 3 sons Haneef, Hafeez and Hameed and moved them to an undisclosed location. On the same night, forces raided the house of Muhammad Ayub in Hub Chowki and arrested Parvez Jumma, Zakir, Altaf and Bahadur sons of Ayub and disappeared them after detention. They all belong to the same family.

From L to R: Haneef Murad, Hameed Murad, Hafeez Murad. Photo: BHRO

Due to serious Human rights violations in Balochistan, a large number of families were already compelled to migrate to Hub Chowki and other areas but tragically they are becoming victims of forces’ policies there too.

From L to R: Altaf Ayub, Pervaiz Jumma, Bahar Ayub, Imdad Hashim. Photo: BHRO

The constitution of Pakistan ensures the protection of civilians lives but while committing human rights violations in Balochistan, the law enforcement bodies are opposing and violating basic articles of Pakistan’s constitution.”

“On April 21, 2019, 4 more people were forcibly seized from Sakuran Hub. The abductees are Nadil Khair Mohd, Sudeer Khair Mohd, Arif Qadir Bakhsh & Zubair Hashum. A complex emergency situation has rose up in Balochistan due to indiscriminate military campaigns.”

The criminal human rights violations in Pakistan are not being reported by main stream media which is their job to do. It is not okay for a country’s government to take young children regardless of the reason and make them “disappear”.

Students are the backbone of successful nations, 1000s of Baloch students have been abducted by Pakistani security forces. According to an anonymous source, more than 25 thousand people have been illegally abducted by the Pakistan Army including women and children.

According to my source:

On 21 April 2019, at around 09:00 pm Pakistan time, the Frontier Corps FC) cordoned off the Zillag village in district Awaran, Balochistan and took away eight villagers, mostly women and children, to their headquarters in the city after searching the houses without any warrants.

The victims include Shahnáz, wife of Liaqat, their one-year-old child, Farhád and Abdul Hai Sajdi, father of Shahnáz.

The other abducted family members include Sanam, wife of Akhtar, her 5-year-old son Mallén, her newly born daughter Mahdém, Názal mother of Akhtar and his 10-year-old brother, Ijaz.

Remaining members of the family say that the detainees were asked about the locations of Liaqat and Akhtar, who were not at home at the time of this search operation. Most of the men, specially political activists in Balochistan’s villages would not stay at homes as they fear being found and forcibly disappeared by military. Among those who were forcibily disappeared in such previous operations, many would later reappear as dead bodies dumped in the wilderness, the modus operandi is infamously know as the kill and dump policy.

“Liaqat and Akhtar are political activists affiliated with Baloch National Movement”, said France based Dr. Nasim Baloch, organizer of the BNM’s diaspora committee.

Many relatives of Liaqat Sajidi were abducted by security forces and their houses were burnt down, during such operations in their village. Some of his disappeared relatives were later found dead.

Adil Rahim, a cousin of Liaqat and Akhtar, was abducted from main bazar of Awaran in broad daylight in front of the public on 27 Feb 2016 and later the military handed over his bullet riddled dead body to the local hospital, claiming he was killed during a battle, on 19 April 2016. Body of Majid Omar, another abducted person and relative of former student leader, Kamal Baloch, was also handed over at the same time and was killed in the same fake encounter.

Such incidents of collective punishment are against the International Humanitarian Laws and are highly condemnable. HRCB strongly condemns the incident and demands an urgent release of detained victims including infants and children. We also ask responsible authorities in Pakistan to investigate these crimes and bring the perpetrators to justice.”

Please spread this information as it is a human rights crime and is a sick disgusting display of force. There are no words for the crime of detaining innocent children.

Another kidnapped child.

According to Wikipedia (seen here):

“Baloch nationalism is a movement that claims the Baloch people, an ethno-linguistic group mainly found in Pakistan, Iran and Afghanistan are a distinct nation. The movement propagates the view that Muslims are not a nation (the opposite of the concept behind the creation of Pakistan) and that ethnic loyalty must surpass religious loyalty, though this view has been challenged by both the 1971 independence of East Pakistan and the discrimination many Muhajir people have historically faced within Pakistan.[1]

According to dawn.com:

More than 10 years of forced disappearances, missing persons and the recovery of mutilated bodies of Baloch youth has deepened a sense of alienation in large segments of the population. The state’s indifference to Baloch nationalist groups is the single largest failure of the Pakistani state since the military operation of 1974-77 in the province.

Once again this is an issue of people being forcefully occupied and destroyed for wanting to be seperate from those who occupy them. The destruction of homes and families is simply a way for Pakistan officials to strike terror in these people’s hearts. In fact, you could say it is an act of terrorism.

Regardless of the why’s, these people deserve to not have their children kidnapped and their rights as individuals to speak out against an evil government’s occupation removed in such a terroristic manner. The UN needs to intervene and media needs to report on this tragedy.

How I lost My Respect for Trump

I value my freedom. Do you? I love my right to vote, to speak out against criminal activity or just to state my opinion. I love to be able to own a gun if I want one. My rights to privacy are invaluable. The Constitution is supposed to be our protection against tyranny, right?

I voted and supported Trump from the get go because I remembered a country that valued freedom and was proud. I grew up being a patriot, saying the pledge of allegiance and loving my country. I wanted the best country in the world to be great again and I thought Trump was the man to bring it back. He said all the right things preelection.

My doubts began when he let healthcare fly out the window. We needed something better than Obamacare that had raised rates sky high. When he never locked up the Clinton cartel I began to wonder. He’d made so many promises that it was obvious he didn’t intend to keep.

Somewhere in his campaign I’d fallen for the salesman speech he gave. I think a lot of us did. Some still are. I became utterly disgusted in March of 2018 though.

When I learned that Assange had been put into solitary confinement through the US government’s coercement of Ecuador I became outraged. So I looked into who was behind the silencing of Assange. (My article about Who Was Really Behind the Silencing of Assange?). When I learned it was the Trump administration I was flabbergasted. Could my president who took an oath to uphold the Constitution really do this? Would he really go after a journalist knowing the precedent it would set against the 1st amendment? The answer was a resounding “Yes!”

Trump has been attacking the “Fake News” media since day one. He wants to silence them. He can’t under the 1st amendment. They have a right to say what they believe regardless of if it’s true or not. However, if they prosecute Assange it opens a door to further go after other media figures and journalists. He can essentially shut up those who speak out against him.

He made it obvious this was his intention by what Sarah Sanders said after Assange was taken brutally from the Ecuadorian Embassy in London. (See article here). I discuss this in “Trump Lied During His Campaign About Loving Wikileaks.

I am absolutely disgusted and appalled by this flagrant abuse of my rights and yours. By not defending Assange, he is violating his oath to protect our rights. This is tyranny. This is exactly what Hitler did pre-NAZI Germany. If you take away the right to speak up when the government is doing wrong, it enables you to take complete control.

The man I trusted to “Make America Great Again” is trying to remove press freedom to shut up his adversaries. This is America Mr. President, not a 3rd world country like Ecuador. You cannot ignore our Constitution. You have lost support of many due to your negligence!

So 2020 is coming. I believe if Trump wants to be reelected he must protect and free the Wikileaks founder or the Democrats will win. He needs to return to his constituents and forget what the people surrounding him are telling him to do. He needs to stand up and say “Leave Assange and the First amendment alone!” The question is, will he come to his senses in time?

No Healthcare or Lawyer Visits For Assange: Is This The Dark Ages?

Long before Julian Assange was arrested, we knew he was in desperate need of healthcare which the UK refused him access to. Now that he is in their custody they are still refusing him what he needs. This is an act of torture and tyranny. When did England go back to the Dark Ages? Is Belmarsh the new Tower of London where they torture political prisoners? Since when did a breaking bail charge get you solitary confinement?

According to an article on motherboard.vice.com:

“A member of a team of physicians that has evaluated Julian Assange’s medical and psychological condition over the past two years told three international human rights groups that the Wikileaks founder has sustained “negative psychological and physical effects” from his seven-year detention in the Ecuadorian embassy in London, Motherboard has learned.

The doctor believes that the “cumulative severity of the pain and suffering inflicted on Mr. Assange—both physical and psychological—is in violation of the 1984 Convention Against Torture.”

It was obvious how frail he had become in his arrest video seen here. Now that he is incarcerated, it is a human right for him to get the medical care he deserves. It is also a violation of the Nelson Mandela Act to keep him in solitary confinement for over 15 days.

Assange has suffered enough in the last year alone. The psychological torture Ecuador put him through was disgusting and inhumane. His health declined much more during that time period. His body cannot continue to sustain much more pain and suffering.

The UK often brags about their freedom of press and their treatment of journalists and yet they are holding one in violation of two UN findings. His treatment is a brutal disgrace to Western civilization. This treatment is most definitely due to the pressure being put on by the US government which wishes to destroy him.

The likelihood of a fair extradition trial is slight even though there are protests being held worldwide and even the UN says he must get one.

Does the UN rights commission know how he is currently being treated?

According to Kevin Zeese, an American lawyer and political activist, “People should know that it’s going to take a movement to protect Julian Assange.”

Truly, it will. We need millions to stand up against this atrocity against our human rights, our free press and our free speech. For Julian Assange is not just one man, he is all of us. We are all Julian Assange.

Anonymous Still Not Done Yet:”We Told You So”

Over 40 million cyber attacks against Ecuador and they still haven’t finished yet. Anonymous has taken down prime Minister Theresa May’s site permanently . They nailed police.uk earlier in the week and justice.gov.uk is still getting hit regularly.

Still they have Assange in solitary confinement in Belmarsh. He is not receiving much needed health care and they are allowing no visitors including lawyers. The human rights violations in this case go on and on. You would think we live in the Dark Ages.

Anonymous has promised chaos if he is not released. They say to “Expect Us.” We can only hope it works as no one in the UK government seems to be listening.

May we succeed in protecting this truthteller!

The Truth About the Plight of Julian Assange

The recent arrest of Assange only proves the documents released by Wikileaks in the last 12 years more true than ever. Under the Obama administration the persecution of Assange began, but even Obama knew arresting a publisher would set a precedent against the 1st amendment. Trump, being a businessman and not a lawyer, went after Assange through his administration like a lion after prey. They used a 4.5 billion IMF loan to coerce Ecuador into submission. Ecuador’s Lenin Moreno easily complied and after a year of psychologically torturing Assange to break him, he evicted him against international asylum laws. Thus, Moreno became the Judas Iscariot of today for 30 pieces of silver. Ironically, the betrayal of one of the greatest truth tellers of our time took place right before Easter. The only thing missing was a kiss.

The Judas Moreno accepted the IMF loan in Washington DC less than a week later after blatantly lying to the press about Mr. Assange. Claiming he fought with staff and even put feces on the walls, Moreno attempted to detract attention from the corruption in the INA papers by smearing his asylee.

According to Fidel Narvaez, former consul and first secretary at the Embassy for 7 years, this is not true. In an article in Sky News today:

He said: “Julian had a respectful relationship with staff, diplomats and administrative staff. I don’t recall a single incident when he disrespected someone until I left in July 2018.

Mr Narvaez said: “The last year was hell for Julian in that embassy.

“I was there the first months of the last year and I witnessed when Julian was told that he would no longer be allowed to have internet or access to the phone and wouldn’t be able to have visitors.

“The strategy was very clear – break him down. The government didn’t know how to end the asylum and face the catastrophic historical shame for doing that.”

If Julian left a few dishes in the sink, or left clutter on his desk, who cares? This isnt about his house cleaning practices. It is about the US government arresting a publisher and journalist and setting a precedent in court to destroy our free press rights. Once this precedent is set, any media who exposes government corruption can and will be jailed. The first amendment is being destroyed through the destruction of Assange.

They will bring him here and torture him for information as seen in the Stratfor emails below:

This is the reason Assange sought asylum in the first place. It had nothing to do with sexual allegations in Sweden. He feared that Sweden would swiftly extradite him to the US to face charges of espionage. No country would ever grant asylum to an asylee for accusations of rape. This is a bogus claim set forth by CIA and media propaganda.

The UK is as guilty as any country for the destruction of Assange’s health. They have detained him against 2 UN rulings for 7 years illegally. Currently, he faces sentencing for a breaking bail charge when he sought asylum. Will he even have a chance of a no extradition case in their courts? His extradition case is set to begin May 2nd.

So many people worldwide lack the details of this case because the media either out and out lies or ignores his plight. People need to be educated in order to fight against this atrocity being used to destroy free press. We need to tell them.

Do you need accurate information to debunk the Assange smears? See this article by Caitlin Johnstone. Debunking the Assange Smears. It is a long read but a very comprehensive guide.

Some Interesting Facts You May Not Realize When You Think About Julian Assange

Most people when they hear the name Julian Assange immediately think of his publishing work through Wikileaks. They may think of his illegal detainment for nearly 7 years in the Ecuadorian Embassy in London. You may only know his work from the 2016 US Presidential election. There is more to this man than just a journalist however. Not only is he a son, father, brother and friend, Assange is a pioneer, an author and a courageous soul full of heart.

When Julian was only 25 years old, he helped the Australian police bust a huge pedophile ring. That alone makes the man a hero and in most people’s case, the end of hearing about them. Assange wasn’t done changing the world though. With an IQ rumored to be over 170 and a knack for computers, he was destined to make a difference.

In 1997 Julian co-wrote a book with Suelette Dreyfus called “Underground”. The book was about a group of hackers from the 1980s and 1990s. He also helped create cryptography and wrote a book called “Cypherpunks.” From the Guardian article by Assange himself dated the 9th of July 2013, (article seen here):

The original cypherpunks were mostly Californian libertarians. I was from a different tradition but we all sought to protect individual freedom from state tyranny. Cryptography was our secret weapon. It has been forgotten how subversive this was. Cryptography was then the exclusive property of states, for use in their various wars. By writing our own software and disseminating it far and wide we liberated cryptography, democratised it and spread it through the frontiers of the new internet.
Our work in WikiLeaks imparts a keen understanding of the dynamics of the international order and the logic of empire. During WikiLeaks’ rise we have seen evidence of small countries bullied and dominated by larger ones or infiltrated by foreign enterprise and made to act against themselves. We have seen the popular will denied expression, elections bought and sold, and the riches of countries such as Kenya stolen and auctioned off to plutocrats in London and New York.

Julian Assange literally pioneered new ways to investigate journalism, verify facts and documents, protect sources and educate the public. His belief in truth and justice changed journalism as we know it. He has fought for democracy and human rights while the injustice being done to him would cripple most.

Imagine the world without Wikileaks. The news today is full of government propaganda, fake news and reporters who just repeat the same storyline. The truth is often avoided or stretched so far for ratings it doesnt even resemble itself when they are done. Assange is one of the last of a dying breed who actually showed us the facts and let us decide what to do with them.

Assange has fought for human rights,whistleblowers and hacktivists including Edward Snowden and Lauri Love. He created the organisation Courage Foundation to help legally fund whistleblowers who had bern arrested as well as journalists and hacktivists alike.

The picture the media paints of him is far from true and pictures a narcisstic egomaniac who cares only for himself. Regardless of these smears, Julian Assange is a hero and a courageous strong man who gave a damn. He has given the best years of his life to save a world of people from corruption and the injustice of evil governments hell bent on destroying people through wars. We truly are Julian Assange inside.

More Charges Against Assange Being Prepared in the US

As many of us suspected, the minor charges of hacking against Julian Assange were just the tip of the iceberg. The extradition warrant from the US is purely political and many of us fear that the UK will play along. The results of his extradition will be catastrophic for human rights and journalism as we know it . According to WSWS:

On Wednesday, CNN reported US federal prosecutors confirmed there is an “ongoing criminal investigation” of Julian Assange, the 47-year-old founder of WikiLeaks. Prosecutors also indicated “affiliates” of Assange are under investigation, this according to another newly unsealed document. According to the CNN report, at least one document related to this investigation has been withheld from the public due to “ongoing activity.

The report confirms the warnings made by the WSWS and others that the charges related to computer hacking leveled against Assange are merely a pretext for his extradition to the United States, after which additional charges would be brought against him.

The danger to Assange himself by coming to the US is enormous. Torture is only one of the harms that are likely. Under the NDAA law of 2011 paased by President Obama, Assange could be held indefinitely without trial due to his not being an American citizen. This law would enable the DOJ to imprison him for the rest of his life.

The charges that most likely will be filed against him and Wikileaks staff include espionage, government theft and coercion.

According to John Kitiakou’s aricle seen here:

“The issue here is that it is highly unusual – unprecedented, even – for a foreign national (Assange is Australian) to be charged with espionage when he did not steal the information. He was simply provided the information, which he then made public. Assange says that he was just a journalist doing his job, and no administration has ever charged a journalist with espionage for doing his job.

Second, this inadvertent disclosure confirmed that Assange has been charged in the Eastern District of Virginia – the so-called “Espionage Court.” That is just what many of us have feared. Remember, no national security defendant has ever been found not guilty in the Eastern District of Virginia. The Eastern District is also known as the “rocket docket” for the swiftness with which cases are heard and decided. Not ready to mount a defense? Need more time? Haven’t received all of your discovery? Tough luck. See you in court.

Third, I have long predicted that Assange would face Judge Leonie Brinkema were he to be charged in the Eastern District. Brinkema handled my case, as well as CIA whistleblower Jeffrey Sterling’s. She also has reserved the Ed Snowden case for herself. Brinkema is a hanging judge. She was appointed to the federal bench by Ronald Reagan after serving as a federal prosecutor. She was then elevated from administrative judge to trial judge by Bill Clinton, under the patronage of former Republican senator John Warner.”

Even if Assange is given a trial, it will be a big show with a guilty verdict from this infamous judge. He does not stand a chance. The warrant so far is false in order to mislead the public into believing he will be treated fairly and with due process of law. Justice will not be served and the UK govetnment knows this. The extradition of Assange cannot be allowed without setting a precedent that will utterly destroy our rights to press freedom, free speech and a fair just trial. It will end with a publisher spending his life in prison for simply sharing the truth about US war crimes.

Anonymous Continues to Attack the UK: Free Assange or Chaos Will Ensue

Anonymous haa continued it’s attacks on the UK and Ecuador all week, including an attack last night on police.gov leaving it down for at least 13 hours. Today they went after justice.gov.uk and it is currently down. In the last hour they have also taken out PM Theresa May’s site. (See twets below)

If Assange is not released they have promised chaos and the biggest cyber attacks yet. Will they take down the entire UK government? Let’s wait and see.