Horrible Attempt At Extortion of Assange videos

In an article by elpais.com, a letter and video of Assange is being shown of him. This video along with a letter were sent to Krisstin Hraffnsson demanding 3 million dollars or more would be given to media. This is a vile attempt by a man named simply “Pepe” to extort money from Wikileaks when it’s already down.Quoted from the article:

Pepe , a journalist sentenced to three years in prison for fraud, and three computer scientists from Alicante who combine English, communication and computer science are the people who have in their possession images, videos and personal documents of the alleged espionage to Julian Assange , The refugee cyber-activist for seven years in the Embassy of Ecuador in Londondelivered last April 16 to the British police. Police are investigating whether a supposed Spanish communication agency is behind the extortion of the 47-year-old Australian activist, who is asked to pay three million to not broadcast his images.
Spanish agents of the Kidnapping and Extortion section monitor José Martín Santos and three of his collaborators after they offered the material recorded during the last two years of stay in the diplomatic legation of the founder of Wikileaks, according to sources close to the investigation.

Video can be seen here.As if the arrest and extradition of Assange is not enough, this vile character is attempting to make money off him from tapes obviously acquired from Ecuador. They are attempting to paint a bad picture of Assange through video and audio files. This is a horrible case of blackmail.It makes you wonder how much Moreno sold them for. 30 pieces of silver? Moreno was doing just what he accused Assange of, spying.Santos met with Hraffnsson on April 2nd with two other people as seen in this quote from the article in elpais:

The meeting was held on April 2. The editor of Wikileaks had rented an apartment at number 11 Núñez Arce Street to which vendors came. At 10 o’clock in the morning, according to the complaint, Pepe appeared accompanied by two people, whom he introduced as someone who spoke fluent English and a computer expert. He facilitated his real name, José Martín Santos, without revealing his status as a journalist and asked to change the place of the meeting for security reasons.

They met at the Plaza de Santa Ana in Madrid where he showed Hraffnsson over 103 folders on a laptop including footage and audio of Assange in his most private places. Demanding 3 million dollars or the footage would be published in the media, Pepe attempted to blackmail Wikileaks and Assange.This footage however, proves the spying done by Ecuador over the last 2 years.According to elpais:

That same afternoon, Hrafnsson, accompanied by Baltasar Garzón, filed a complaint against the alleged extortionists in the Kidnapping and Extortion Section of the Police’s Brigade of Crimes against Persons (UDEV)Assange has just filed a complaint against the alleged extortionists in the National Court, as well as against personnel of the Embassy of Ecuador in London and members of the Ecuadorian security company Promsecurity who could have participated in the events.He accuses them of a long rosary crimes: criminal organization, extortion in Spanish territory, crime against privacy, honor and against the secret of attorney-client communications.

Regardless, it is obvious that Ecuador illegally videotaped and recorded Assange with his lawyers and doctors during their meeting and invaded his privacy which is illegal. As though Assange didn’t suffer enough, he now has to deal with extortion of his personal life in the Embassy.

Assange’s Arrest Was Kidnapping

On April 11th, 2019, the ambassador of Ecuador allowed police to come in and brutally arrest Julian Assange. They dragged him out kicking and screaming against his will. When his asylum was revoked by President Lenin Moreno and his administration it was done illegally against their Constitution. By revoking his citizenship they broke their own laws. They simply allowed the British Police to abduct a journalist.

Assange did not even get to appeal the decision. Even in Ecuador, an appeal would have been successful as the threat still remains that Assange sought asylum for in the first place. There will be a statement by the IACHR on this violation of law possibly on May 2nd. This is the same day as Assange’s first extradition hearing.

According to Yahoo News in the UK, former Ecuadorian consul, Fidel Narvaez spoke out on this issue also calling it a kidnapping.

Fidel Narvaez, who worked at the London embassy as a consul for most of the time Assange lived there, launched a scathing attack on the decision by Ecuador President Lenin Moreno to allow police to enter the building and make an arrest earlier this month.

“What the President has done is unforgivable – it has brought shame to my country,” he said in an interview with the Press Association.

“It was basically a kidnapping. Julian did not walk out of the embassy of his own accord – he was dragged out by force, which is outrageous.”

Assange faces extradition to the US on an indictment for hacking currently, but more charges will most likely ensue once extradited. (See my articles here). The charges under the Espionage Act of 1917 can carry the death penalty. By UK law, Assange can not be extradited if his life is in danger.

Regardless, Ecuador violated major international laws by allowing this tragedy to occur. They also allowed the inhumane torture through solitary confinement for 8 months and other psychological warfare to take place in order to try to force Assange out.

A UN special rapporteur, Joe Cannataci, visited Assange on allegations of Ecuador violating his rights to privacy by taping his meetings with lawyers and doctors.

According to Narvaez:

“Surveillance cameras were installed, recording every meeting he had with his lawyers and doctors, which is a huge breach of his right to privacy, and violates the United Nations human rights charter.”

President Lenin Moreno accepted the “bribe” money from the US government tbrough an IMF loan of 4.6 billion dollars just days after Assange’s arrest. Making himself a modern day Judas Iscariot by betraying Assange and country for a few pieces of silver. The only thing missing was a kiss.

What being A Patriot Means

Somewhere along the line people confused being a patriot and putting America first with ignoring the rights of the rest of the world. They have begun to think that only US citizens have rights and its okay for our country to ignore international law. I am pretty sure you can blame this attitude on media and many politicians.

The definition of patriot is as follows:
person who vigorously supports their country and is prepared to defend it against enemies or detractors.

Nowhere in this definition does being a patriot mean you ignore the rights of foreigners. Everyone in this world has rights as individuals. You can love your country and still support international law.

International law is not the same as NWO or a world government like many think. It is a set of laws formed by the Geneva convention to protect us from lawlessness and cruel governments that target citizens like the NAZIs did in Germany.

According to legal career path:

International law is the set of rules, agreements and treaties that are binding between countries. When sovereign states enter into agreements that are binding and enforceable, it’s called international law. Countries come together to make binding rules that they believe benefit their citizens. International laws promote peace, justice, common interests and trade.

When a country violates these laws, it enables other countries to go in and enforce them. It also sets up a legal way for special legal authorities to assess human rights violations. When US citizens assume that people of other countries do not have rights here they are wrong.

Every individual should have certain inalienable rights. No one should be tortured, no one should be illegally detained or imprisoned without trial. Everyone should have the right to speak out against oppression through free speech. No one should be illegally spied on. Things like withholding food or water, solitary confinement for over 15 days, bad sanitary conditions while in jail are a violation of basic human rights.

Not just here in the US, but everywhere. So stop thinking America first makes you better or gives you rights no one else deserves! Thinking that way shows a lack of empathy and compassion. We need more love in this world, not hate!

Proof the US DOJ Also Looking At Charging Assange With More Charges Under Espionage Act

In an article by netz politik, it is revealed that the US intends to investigate Assange for “obtaining and disseminating secret information“ which is punishable by the death penalty. This investigation appears to have been reinstated the day after Assange’s arrest.

The death penalty for a journalist? This is terrifying that the US would hand down such a punishment for a journalist doing his job. This is what letter from the DOJ stated in a letter published in the same article.

Only one day after writing the indictment, the US Attorney’s Office admitted to also investigate Assange for the „unauthorized receipt and dissemination of secret information“. That is what the Department of Justice wrote in a letter to former WikiLeaks spokesperson Daniel Domscheit-Berg, which we are publishing in full.
This accusation can be charged under the Espionage Act of 1917, a federal law intended to protect military secrets since World War I which has also been used to charge Chelsea Manning and Edward Snowden. Convictions under the Espionage Act can be punished by death. The death penalty is not only inhumane and archaic, it has legal consequences: The United Kingdom is not allowed to extradite Assange if he faces the death penalty.

I will post a link of the letter from the DOJ written to Daniel Domscheit-Berg asking for voluntary testifying against Assange (link to full letter) .

As stated in the article others have been asked in the past to testify. Some have done it voluntarily. Yet many have refused including Chelsea Manning who also was charged under the outdated Espionage Act.

In the past, more people around WikiLeaks were asked to support the investigations by providing information to the prosecutors. Jacob Appelbaum was asked to testify against Assange, but he refused. Manning is back in prison since early March for refusing to testify before the grand jury.

How can the US DOJ justify charging a publisher for doing his job? Assange simply producing documents for the public to read. If prosecuted under this law, why aren’t media organizations like the New York Times who published the “Pentagon papers” and the Guardian who published the “Snowden Files” under investigation? Doesn’t this enable the AG to prosecute any journalist or media organization for reporting?

By simply using the indictment for hacking, the US DOJ is getting around the law that the UK cannot extradite any individual who could face the death penalty. This also pacifies many supporters of Assange who would believe he would be safe.

The US is well known for making people like Assange disappear. It is not uncommon for people to have fatal “accidents” or “commit suicide.” Julian is a vital truthteller who is much needed and stands for our rights and for press freedom. He stood up against the most powerful government in the world today. We cannot let them destroy him and what he stands for.

Please write to the DOJ and the author of the letter at the addresses below:
Dana J. Boente
United States Attorney’s Office
2100 Jamieson Avenue
Alexandria, VA 22314
(703) 299-3700
(703) 299-3980 (Fax)

U.S. Department of Justice
950 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
Washington, DC 20530-0001

The Department may be contacted by phone at the following:

  • Department Comment Line: 202-353-1555
  • Department of Justice Main Switchboard: 202-514-2000
  • TTY/ASCII/TDD: 800-877-8339 (or Federal IP Relay Service)

How the US Government and the Media Succeeded in their Smear Campaign Against Assange

The smear campaign against Assange was never very successful until 2016. I want to explain how they managed to destroy a lot of support for Wikileaks and Assange but first I need to tell you what a government gray psyop is. In an article I wrote last year titled “what Is A Government Gray PsyOp” l explain in detail what it is and how the US government uses it.

First of all, the definition of PsyOp (which literally stands for psychological operation or psychological warfare), is basically a way to influence someone else’s behavior, emotions, thought processes and objective reasoning.

I was hoping by educating the public that they would better understand how the US government was using the media and something called Q Anon to infiltrate right wing support and make them passive and complacent in regard to Assange’s predicament.No one bit or they argued with me. Many have become so brainwashed they can’t see the truth even after the Wikileaks’ founder was arrested and an inmediate extradition warrant was issued. They still think Trump will save him after he gives the information they want from him.

What I can tell you is any information Assange wanted people to know he has already given you. He has never revealed a source. He protects those as best he can who has given him information. If they want information from him, they may never get it even through torture. Even if he does release anything, the US government will “redact” it and he knows this.

Next, the media painted Assange as a right wing Trump supporter over the release of the DNC emails and the Podesta emails. This worked to do 2 things. First, they enabled the right wing supporters to believe Trump would ultimately be Assange’s savior and they turned the left wing against him.If anyone followed Wikileaks at all prior to the 2016 election, they would know Assange disliked both candidates as he is quoted to say when asked which candidate he would prefer:

“It’s like choosing between cholera and gonorrhea, you don’t want either one.”

Julian Assange never once promoted a candidate. He knew there was plenty of dirt on both. He explained in an interview that no one had given him anything on Trump and that most of it was already out there. If you do look, Trump’s business dealings prior to the election weren’t always the best.Here is a quote from Caitlin Johnstone @caitoz that I completely stand behind 100%:Trump’s own spokesperson Sarah Sanders has stated that Trump has been harder on Wikileaks and Assange than any other President. That alone tells me he wants the extradition to be as harsh as possible for the journalist. (Please read How I Lost My Respect For Trump to see more quotes. To see how the Trump administration was responsible for the arrest of Assange read this.)By using psychological warfare and propaganda, the US government has managed to literally debilitate the movement to Free Assange when he needs it the most. Stop falling for the lies and smears and stand up for your rights! Don’t assume anything! Fight to save Assange!

There Is Much More to the Plight of Assange Than One Man

Many people see this catastrophe as the arrest of one man, a journalist who exposed the truth, but there is so much more involved.

This is a case of human rights for anyone who dares seek asylum. It destroys the idea that a person will be safe by getting refuge. It shows how a change in government can be the end of an asylee’s protection. In Ecuador’s case, it exposes how one corrupt government can go against it’s own Constitution to obtain loans from another country.

Assange’s case is about torture. It is about isolation and the right to obtain healthcare. It is about being illegally detained without sunlight and fresh air. It’s about following international law written to protect the individual from cruel and unusual physical and psychological punishment. If they can get away with it with one person, they can do it to us all for any reason.

The question raised is when do we put our foot down when an empire oversteps it’s boundaries? When does extradition constitute an international crime?

By imprisoning Assange, it reveals how the US, UK and Ecuador conspired together to hide their own corruption and punish the journalist and publisher for exposing them. It is an act of imperialism and force when the US empire decides to bully other nations into submission. It also shows how one person can change the world for the better if he is willing to sacrifice himself.

By bribing Ecuador with a 4.5 billion dollar IMF loan, the US government was able to obtain Assange. This isn’t a supposition, this is fact. Literally within days of the arrest of Assange, President Lenin Moreno came to the US to sign papers for the loan. This is both governments rubbing salt in the wound to their Constitutions. It is one of the biggest examples of imperialism today.

Then their is the enormous blow to free speech and press freedom. The injury to these rights may never heal. This will result in the death of both as we know it.

It is literally a war being fought for our right to know and government transparency. By prosecuting Assange, the government is winning. We are allowing our elites to rule us like masters and lords. We cannot fight if we don’t know what we are fighting against. Do the elites own us?

Freedom itself is at stake here. Every time we witness a crime against humanity and we do not fight back, we give up another piece of our rights and independence. We are as guilty as those perpetrating the injustice being done. We aid them in their ability to get away with it.

The persecution of this man is a crime to humanity, to our rights, to our ability to speak out and to our freedom. Are we going to allow these offenses against us to continue? Literally speaking, WE ARE ALL ASSANGE!

Ecuador Says They Were Hit by 40 Million Cyber Attacks: Ongoing Attacks on UK: Free Assange or Else

According to Ecuadorian authorities there have been over 40 million cyber attacks since the arrest of Assange April 11th. They have asked for help from the US and UK as the attacks continue. Meanwhile, Anonymous has also been going after both the United States and Britain.

Other sites have been attacked such as the national crime agency in England, Prime Minister May’s website has been suspended from the internet permanently and police.gov has been taken down for hours at a time.

Anonymous has stated “Release Assange or chaos will ensue”. Their warnings seem to not by heeded unfortunately. The reports come from just a few hacktivists that I follow on Twitter. How many more are attacking without posting?

It is apparent the arrest of Assange is seen as a disgusting display of government corruption worldwide as protests are being held everywhere. It will take the hugest movement ever seen to free this journalist. Ww need to all fight now!

Will Mueller Bring Charges Against Assange Once Extradited?!?

According to the Washington Times it is more than likely. (Article seen here). Mueller has already arrested Russian “cyberwarriors” who he claims conspired with Wikileaks to get the DNC emails. However, Assange said in interviews repeatedly it was an insider, not Russia that gave him the emails.

Since Wikileaks and Assange have a 11 year running record as always telling the truth and not having to retract a story, it makes you think Mueller is lying. Many believe that Seth Rich, who was murdered in 2016, gave the emails to Assange. Kimdotcom offered up evidence that it was Rich but the US DOJ never accepted his evidence.

Assange offered to testify in 2017 in exchange for immunity but then FBI director James Comey shot down the offer. Not once did the Mueller investigation attempt to contact Wikileaks to ask for evidence or testimony. If what Mueller is claiming is true, why didn’t he go to the organization who could give him the information he needs? It looks as though he purposely didn’t want to know the truth.

The Washington Times reported:

It remains to be seen whether Mr. Mueller’s implication of Mr. Assange is a sign that the Justice Department will bring Russia-related charges against the Australian computer programmer.

Edward J. McAndrew, a former federal prosecutor now with the global law firm DLA Piper, said that if the Justice Department wants to add charges, then “prosecutors will likely do so during the extradition process.”

Mr. McAndrew said this is because of a legal principle known as the “rule of speciality.”

The rule “will preclude the United States from adding new charges against Mr. Assange after he is extradited to the United States,” he said.

Regardless of whether Mueller brings charges or not, many believe that Assange will be charged under the outdated Espionage Act of 1917 upon arrival in America. We know that the whole #Russiagate conspiracy is mostly Democrats spewing trash over a lost election. No collusion was found and this is just an attempt at shutting up the man who told the truth.

Any charges against Assange will be heard around the world as an attempt to silence real journalism and end free speech regardless.

As stated by npr.org seen here, the US has dropped to number 48 for free speech worldwide. The attempt to destroy Wikileaks and its founder will surely drop it even lower.

It has become an extremely dangerous career choice to report the truth as many countries are martyring journalists. Will the US be the next to silence the truth? Will our own government make a farce out of the First Amendment? That remains to be seen. In the mean time, free speech advocates worldwide must prepare for the biggest fight in centuries.

Wikileaks Confirms Assange Can Now See His Lawyers

In a tweet this morning Wikileaks confirmed Assange can now see his lawyers and will have meetings with them over the next few days. This is good news after Assange was held for 11 days without any visits. The question now being raised is if he is getting the health care he needs as he was in dire need of a root canal and an MRI on his shoulder according to doctors.

May 2nd Assange will be sentenced on the breaking bail charge in the UK as well as his first extradition hearing. The process can take up to 5 years.

Many human rights organizations and activists around the world are voicing their concerns about the illegal detainment of this journalist and publisher. Many truth tellers throughout history have been silenced. It seems our world has never valued integrity and honesty but has always cared more to be coddled and lied to. After all, who wants to deal with the idea their leaders are liars and evil?

Only a great movement by the people will save this hero from torture and wrongful punishment now. We must rise up and fight.

Julian Assange and Chelsea Manning: The Effects of Solitary Confinement and Why It Is Torture

Assange and Manning have both spent a lot of time in solitary confinement. In this article I will try and explain why this is torture and what it does psychologically to those who spend long amounts of time placed therein. There are tons of articles you can read online about this, but the main point is that the detrimental effect on a person’s psyche is permanent.

In an article by the American Psychology Association, they state some very facts.

At a June 19 hearing, Craig Hanry, PhD, showed pictures to illustrate solitary confinement’s harsh conditions, including filthy cells that are “scarcely larger than a king-sized bed,” he said. As a result of the endless monotony and lack of human contact, “for some prisoners … solitary confinement precipitates a descent into madness.” Many inmates experience panic attacks, depression and paranoia, and some suffer hallucinations, he said.

Former inmate Anthony Graves, who spent 18 years on death row, including 10 in solitary confinement for a murder he didn’t commit, drove home Hanley’s points. “I would watch guys come to prison totally sane, and in three years they don’t live in the real world anymore,” he said. One fellow inmate, Graves said.

Such long-term effects are common, Haney said. “One of the very serious psychological consequences of solitary confinement is that it renders many people incapable of living anywhere else.” Then, when prisoners are released into cells or back into society, they are often overwhelmed with anxiety. “They actually get to the point where they become frightened of other human beings,” he said.

Both Assange and Manning have been put in solitary confinement for months at a time and Assange is currently in it since his arrest April 11th.

According to an article in Psychology Today, (seen here):

UN Special Rapporteur Juan E. Mendez said in this report:

“Solitary confinement, [as a punishment] cannot be justified for any reason, precisely because it imposes severe mental pain and suffering beyond any reasonable retribution for criminal behaviour and thus constitutes an act defined [as] … torture.”

According to Mendez, the adverse healtheffects of this type of imprisonment are numerous, and include ‘prison psychosis,’ which can lead to anxiety, depression, irritability, cognitivedisorders, hallucinations, paranoia, and self-inflicted injuries. Mendez concluded that “solitary confinement for more than 15 days…constitutes cruel and inhuman, or degrading treatment, or even torture”—well below the time Browder and Smith spent in isolation.

Also in this article:

The adverse effects of solitary confinement on mental health have a long history of documentation. David H. Cloud, head of the Vera Institute of Justice’s Reform for Healthy Communities Initiative, stated:
“Nearly every scientific inquiry into the effects of solitary confinement over the past 150 years has concluded that subjecting an individual to more than 10 days of involuntary segregation results in a distinct set of emotional, cognitive, social, and physical pathologies.”

The permanent damage to the psyche of an intelligent, outgoing person like Julian Assange due to his 7 year isolation in the Embassy in London and 8 months without phone, visitors or internet, is irreversible. He will never be the same person. It would take years to even undo some of the damage done.

As a person who often has spent days at a time without much personal contact, the loneliness is the most depressing thing I, myself, have ever encountered. Still, there were family members to talk to or I had the internet or the phone. I can tell you from personal experience that constantly being alone changes you.

According to another article in Psychology Today, (seen here):

There is a difference between loneliness (the imposition of social isolation) and aloneness (the choice of being alone), and thus the brain reacts in very different ways. Loneliness, or social isolation, affecting a large part of the population as it became an epidemic in the last few years, is known to cause changes in the brain, possibly leading to more serious consequences such as depression and other mood disorders.

Robert King, an ex-inmate who was in solitary confinement for 29 years, shared his experience with a room full of curious neuroscientists during the world’s biggest neuroscience conference by the Society for Neuroscience in November 2018. Being confined in a 6×9-foot cell for almost 30 years, with very limited contact with other humans or physical exercise, surely has consequences on one’s overall health, including the brain. King knew that solitary confinement was changing the way his brain worked. When he finally left his cell, he realized he had trouble recognizing faces and had to retrain his eyes to learn what a face was like. His sense of direction was also messed up, and he was unable to follow a simple route in the city by himself. It is as if his brain had erased all those capabilities that were no longer necessary for survival in a cell no bigger than the back of a pick-up truck.
One of the most remarkable effects of chronic social isolation, as in the extreme case of solitary confinement, is the decrease in the size of hippocampus, the brain region related to learning, memory, and spatial awareness. The sustained stress of extreme isolation leads to a loss of hippocampal plasticity, a decrease in the formation of new neurons, and the eventual failing in hippocampal function. On the other hand, the amygdala increases its activity in response to isolation. This area mediates fear and anxiety, symptoms enhanced in prisoners in solitary confinement.

As stated by the U.N.’s Nelson Mandel Act, anything over 15 days in solitary confinement is considered torture. So what we have is 2 modern western countries participating in cruel and unusual punishment which they both claim is illegal. Both the U.S. and U.K. have denounced torture and made laws to prevent it. So why are they abusing these laws and using it for special cases?

Both do this to try and break individuals to submit. It is a sick, demented form of coercement. It is easier to obtain information and destroy an enemy by completely isolating them. Also, the general public sees it as less of a crime than other forms of violence.

By using both Assange and Manning as examples, they are instilling terror into other journalists and the general public to prevent future whistleblowers and publishers from exposing their government’s corruption. In fact, this is an act of terrorism. The torture of both is a huge blow to the First Amendment and our right to know.

We must end the torture and prosecution before it is too late and we see the death of our freedom.