Exclusive Interview With Greg Barns, Assange’s Australian Legal Adviser

In an interview with Greg Barns, (Barrister,Writer and Assange’s Australian legal adviser), I spoke to him about Julian’s current crisis.

Angel: Do you think Assange will be extradited to the United States?

GregBarns: There is a strong possibility of this happening given the attitude of the UK government.

Angel: Do you think he will get a fair trial if extradited?

Greg Barns: No. The US legal system has shown it is not robust when it comes to ensuring defendants in cases where the interests of the US military and security establishment are involved, get a fair trial.

Angel: As a lawyer, do you think the way he was arrested is legal?

Greg Barns: As a matter of international law Ecuador’s actions were extraordinary. It allowed its sovereignty to be breached by the UK.

Angel: Do you think if brought back to Australia he would be safe from prosecution?

Greg Barns: We would like to see the Australian government prevail on its Washington and UK allies to allow Julian to return to Australia with no threat of extradition from the US.

Angel: Would you like to add a statement in support of our hero?

Greg Barns: The prosecution of Julian Assange is dangerous. It represents a direct threat to freedom of speech and freedom of the media. It is an outrageous abuse of prosecutorial discretion to allow the charge to be brought in the first place.

It has become apparent that only a huge movement of supporters fighting this extradition and prosecution will keep Mr. Assange safe. A guilty verdict will hurt not only Assange and Wikileaks but the entire world. It affects everyone’s rights, free speech and guarantee of protective asylum. Every step of this man’s plight will set a precedent for future generations and changes history. The consequences of the decision by the US to prosecute Assange are far reaching and speak negatively for the justice system. The only thing Assange is truly guilty of is doing his job as a journalist and giving a damn about the world around us.

Don’t wait to see the outcome but fight for his freedom now!

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