Assange Gave Up His Life For The Truth

In a 60 minutes interview in Australia, Julian Assange’s father, John Shipton, was asked what Julian gave up for Wikileaks. His answer was, “Everything!” (Video seen here)

It is true! Julian Assange literally gave up his entire life for truth, government transparency and YOU! Yes, you!

He once said he didnt love or hate any country over the other, he loved the world. That means he loved us all enough to give up his well being, his family and children, his freedom that we would know the truth. This situation is reminiscent of another man who gave it all up.

Persecuted, tortured and now incarcerated he faces life in prison or worse the death penalty. It is more than likely he faces torture at the hands of the CIA as well. He has already been tormented for nearly 7 years in the Ecuadorian Embassy in London.

Seen by the U.S. military as a “villian,” if extradited, Assange will be in cruel and merciless hands as witnessed in the case of Chelsea Manning. The US claims he’s not simply a publisher and journalist but wants to charge him as a spy. However, Assange got all his information and data from whistleblowers, not unlike the Guardian or the New York Times. Legally speaking, this is about setting an example to other whistleblowers and publishers to warn them that they will be destroyed if they dont stay in line.

I want you to imagine if you even can, what Julian has went through already as a human being. He is a human, you know. People seem to view him as either a super hero or super villian who is indestructible. He’s simply not. The last 7 years in a tiny room inside without fresh air, sunlight and proper medical care has played hell on his body. His father (in the interview on 60 minutes), points out that Julian looks his age, 72, not like the 47 year old man he is. (Pics below are of Julian 7 years ago and today)

Does the U.S. government want to destroy this man? John Shipton and many of his supporters think so. In fact, they are slowly assassinating one of the great geniuses of our time. Using him as a way to damage the first amendment of the U.S. Constitution, change political asylum forever and destroy human rights for the individual.

Everything they are doing to Julian, they are doing to everyone of us. This is not just about government overreach or national security. It is about bringing the minions into submission. It is about putting fear into every person on this planet whoever challenges what a government does illegally.

If we let this tragedy play out like the U.S. wants, we can say goodbye to freedom worldwide. The U.S. empire will always rule with an iron fist and be able to squash anyone who dares stand up for their rights and others. We will be living the novel “1984.”

It still remains however, that one man can make a difference if he us willing to sacrifice it all. Julian Assange has! He is a modern day hero, but he is still simply a man…

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