Horrible Attempt At Extortion of Assange videos

In an article by elpais.com, a letter and video of Assange is being shown of him. This video along with a letter were sent to Krisstin Hraffnsson demanding 3 million dollars or more would be given to media. This is a vile attempt by a man named simply “Pepe” to extort money from Wikileaks when it’s already down.Quoted from the article:

Pepe , a journalist sentenced to three years in prison for fraud, and three computer scientists from Alicante who combine English, communication and computer science are the people who have in their possession images, videos and personal documents of the alleged espionage to Julian Assange , The refugee cyber-activist for seven years in the Embassy of Ecuador in Londondelivered last April 16 to the British police. Police are investigating whether a supposed Spanish communication agency is behind the extortion of the 47-year-old Australian activist, who is asked to pay three million to not broadcast his images.
Spanish agents of the Kidnapping and Extortion section monitor José Martín Santos and three of his collaborators after they offered the material recorded during the last two years of stay in the diplomatic legation of the founder of Wikileaks, according to sources close to the investigation.

Video can be seen here.As if the arrest and extradition of Assange is not enough, this vile character is attempting to make money off him from tapes obviously acquired from Ecuador. They are attempting to paint a bad picture of Assange through video and audio files. This is a horrible case of blackmail.It makes you wonder how much Moreno sold them for. 30 pieces of silver? Moreno was doing just what he accused Assange of, spying.Santos met with Hraffnsson on April 2nd with two other people as seen in this quote from the article in elpais:

The meeting was held on April 2. The editor of Wikileaks had rented an apartment at number 11 Núñez Arce Street to which vendors came. At 10 o’clock in the morning, according to the complaint, Pepe appeared accompanied by two people, whom he introduced as someone who spoke fluent English and a computer expert. He facilitated his real name, José Martín Santos, without revealing his status as a journalist and asked to change the place of the meeting for security reasons.

They met at the Plaza de Santa Ana in Madrid where he showed Hraffnsson over 103 folders on a laptop including footage and audio of Assange in his most private places. Demanding 3 million dollars or the footage would be published in the media, Pepe attempted to blackmail Wikileaks and Assange.This footage however, proves the spying done by Ecuador over the last 2 years.According to elpais:

That same afternoon, Hrafnsson, accompanied by Baltasar Garzón, filed a complaint against the alleged extortionists in the Kidnapping and Extortion Section of the Police’s Brigade of Crimes against Persons (UDEV)Assange has just filed a complaint against the alleged extortionists in the National Court, as well as against personnel of the Embassy of Ecuador in London and members of the Ecuadorian security company Promsecurity who could have participated in the events.He accuses them of a long rosary crimes: criminal organization, extortion in Spanish territory, crime against privacy, honor and against the secret of attorney-client communications.

Regardless, it is obvious that Ecuador illegally videotaped and recorded Assange with his lawyers and doctors during their meeting and invaded his privacy which is illegal. As though Assange didn’t suffer enough, he now has to deal with extortion of his personal life in the Embassy.

2 thoughts on “Horrible Attempt At Extortion of Assange videos

  1. Neither U.S.A must extradite Assange, and if exists this horrible law of extradition, this is a Satanic law. ALways against the freedom of speech and against the truth and privacy, as we know that those demons attack. Julian Assange against the demons of the global power, multinationals and corporations.


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