Assange’s Arrest Was Kidnapping

On April 11th, 2019, the ambassador of Ecuador allowed police to come in and brutally arrest Julian Assange. They dragged him out kicking and screaming against his will. When his asylum was revoked by President Lenin Moreno and his administration it was done illegally against their Constitution. By revoking his citizenship they broke their own laws. They simply allowed the British Police to abduct a journalist.

Assange did not even get to appeal the decision. Even in Ecuador, an appeal would have been successful as the threat still remains that Assange sought asylum for in the first place. There will be a statement by the IACHR on this violation of law possibly on May 2nd. This is the same day as Assange’s first extradition hearing.

According to Yahoo News in the UK, former Ecuadorian consul, Fidel Narvaez spoke out on this issue also calling it a kidnapping.

Fidel Narvaez, who worked at the London embassy as a consul for most of the time Assange lived there, launched a scathing attack on the decision by Ecuador President Lenin Moreno to allow police to enter the building and make an arrest earlier this month.

“What the President has done is unforgivable – it has brought shame to my country,” he said in an interview with the Press Association.

“It was basically a kidnapping. Julian did not walk out of the embassy of his own accord – he was dragged out by force, which is outrageous.”

Assange faces extradition to the US on an indictment for hacking currently, but more charges will most likely ensue once extradited. (See my articles here). The charges under the Espionage Act of 1917 can carry the death penalty. By UK law, Assange can not be extradited if his life is in danger.

Regardless, Ecuador violated major international laws by allowing this tragedy to occur. They also allowed the inhumane torture through solitary confinement for 8 months and other psychological warfare to take place in order to try to force Assange out.

A UN special rapporteur, Joe Cannataci, visited Assange on allegations of Ecuador violating his rights to privacy by taping his meetings with lawyers and doctors.

According to Narvaez:

“Surveillance cameras were installed, recording every meeting he had with his lawyers and doctors, which is a huge breach of his right to privacy, and violates the United Nations human rights charter.”

President Lenin Moreno accepted the “bribe” money from the US government tbrough an IMF loan of 4.6 billion dollars just days after Assange’s arrest. Making himself a modern day Judas Iscariot by betraying Assange and country for a few pieces of silver. The only thing missing was a kiss.

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