Will Mueller Bring Charges Against Assange Once Extradited?!?

According to the Washington Times it is more than likely. (Article seen here). Mueller has already arrested Russian “cyberwarriors” who he claims conspired with Wikileaks to get the DNC emails. However, Assange said in interviews repeatedly it was an insider, not Russia that gave him the emails.

Since Wikileaks and Assange have a 11 year running record as always telling the truth and not having to retract a story, it makes you think Mueller is lying. Many believe that Seth Rich, who was murdered in 2016, gave the emails to Assange. Kimdotcom offered up evidence that it was Rich but the US DOJ never accepted his evidence.

Assange offered to testify in 2017 in exchange for immunity but then FBI director James Comey shot down the offer. Not once did the Mueller investigation attempt to contact Wikileaks to ask for evidence or testimony. If what Mueller is claiming is true, why didn’t he go to the organization who could give him the information he needs? It looks as though he purposely didn’t want to know the truth.

The Washington Times reported:

It remains to be seen whether Mr. Mueller’s implication of Mr. Assange is a sign that the Justice Department will bring Russia-related charges against the Australian computer programmer.

Edward J. McAndrew, a former federal prosecutor now with the global law firm DLA Piper, said that if the Justice Department wants to add charges, then “prosecutors will likely do so during the extradition process.”

Mr. McAndrew said this is because of a legal principle known as the “rule of speciality.”

The rule “will preclude the United States from adding new charges against Mr. Assange after he is extradited to the United States,” he said.

Regardless of whether Mueller brings charges or not, many believe that Assange will be charged under the outdated Espionage Act of 1917 upon arrival in America. We know that the whole #Russiagate conspiracy is mostly Democrats spewing trash over a lost election. No collusion was found and this is just an attempt at shutting up the man who told the truth.

Any charges against Assange will be heard around the world as an attempt to silence real journalism and end free speech regardless.

As stated by npr.org seen here, the US has dropped to number 48 for free speech worldwide. The attempt to destroy Wikileaks and its founder will surely drop it even lower.

It has become an extremely dangerous career choice to report the truth as many countries are martyring journalists. Will the US be the next to silence the truth? Will our own government make a farce out of the First Amendment? That remains to be seen. In the mean time, free speech advocates worldwide must prepare for the biggest fight in centuries.

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