No Healthcare or Lawyer Visits For Assange: Is This The Dark Ages?

Long before Julian Assange was arrested, we knew he was in desperate need of healthcare which the UK refused him access to. Now that he is in their custody they are still refusing him what he needs. This is an act of torture and tyranny. When did England go back to the Dark Ages? Is Belmarsh the new Tower of London where they torture political prisoners? Since when did a breaking bail charge get you solitary confinement?

According to an article on

“A member of a team of physicians that has evaluated Julian Assange’s medical and psychological condition over the past two years told three international human rights groups that the Wikileaks founder has sustained “negative psychological and physical effects” from his seven-year detention in the Ecuadorian embassy in London, Motherboard has learned.

The doctor believes that the “cumulative severity of the pain and suffering inflicted on Mr. Assange—both physical and psychological—is in violation of the 1984 Convention Against Torture.”

It was obvious how frail he had become in his arrest video seen here. Now that he is incarcerated, it is a human right for him to get the medical care he deserves. It is also a violation of the Nelson Mandela Act to keep him in solitary confinement for over 15 days.

Assange has suffered enough in the last year alone. The psychological torture Ecuador put him through was disgusting and inhumane. His health declined much more during that time period. His body cannot continue to sustain much more pain and suffering.

The UK often brags about their freedom of press and their treatment of journalists and yet they are holding one in violation of two UN findings. His treatment is a brutal disgrace to Western civilization. This treatment is most definitely due to the pressure being put on by the US government which wishes to destroy him.

The likelihood of a fair extradition trial is slight even though there are protests being held worldwide and even the UN says he must get one.

Does the UN rights commission know how he is currently being treated?

According to Kevin Zeese, an American lawyer and political activist, “People should know that it’s going to take a movement to protect Julian Assange.”

Truly, it will. We need millions to stand up against this atrocity against our human rights, our free press and our free speech. For Julian Assange is not just one man, he is all of us. We are all Julian Assange.

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