How I lost My Respect for Trump

I value my freedom. Do you? I love my right to vote, to speak out against criminal activity or just to state my opinion. I love to be able to own a gun if I want one. My rights to privacy are invaluable. The Constitution is supposed to be our protection against tyranny, right?

I voted and supported Trump from the get go because I remembered a country that valued freedom and was proud. I grew up being a patriot, saying the pledge of allegiance and loving my country. I wanted the best country in the world to be great again and I thought Trump was the man to bring it back. He said all the right things preelection.

My doubts began when he let healthcare fly out the window. We needed something better than Obamacare that had raised rates sky high. When he never locked up the Clinton cartel I began to wonder. He’d made so many promises that it was obvious he didn’t intend to keep.

Somewhere in his campaign I’d fallen for the salesman speech he gave. I think a lot of us did. Some still are. I became utterly disgusted in March of 2018 though.

When I learned that Assange had been put into solitary confinement through the US government’s coercement of Ecuador I became outraged. So I looked into who was behind the silencing of Assange. (My article about Who Was Really Behind the Silencing of Assange?). When I learned it was the Trump administration I was flabbergasted. Could my president who took an oath to uphold the Constitution really do this? Would he really go after a journalist knowing the precedent it would set against the 1st amendment? The answer was a resounding “Yes!”

Trump has been attacking the “Fake News” media since day one. He wants to silence them. He can’t under the 1st amendment. They have a right to say what they believe regardless of if it’s true or not. However, if they prosecute Assange it opens a door to further go after other media figures and journalists. He can essentially shut up those who speak out against him.

He made it obvious this was his intention by what Sarah Sanders said after Assange was taken brutally from the Ecuadorian Embassy in London. (See article here). I discuss this in “Trump Lied During His Campaign About Loving Wikileaks.

I am absolutely disgusted and appalled by this flagrant abuse of my rights and yours. By not defending Assange, he is violating his oath to protect our rights. This is tyranny. This is exactly what Hitler did pre-NAZI Germany. If you take away the right to speak up when the government is doing wrong, it enables you to take complete control.

The man I trusted to “Make America Great Again” is trying to remove press freedom to shut up his adversaries. This is America Mr. President, not a 3rd world country like Ecuador. You cannot ignore our Constitution. You have lost support of many due to your negligence!

So 2020 is coming. I believe if Trump wants to be reelected he must protect and free the Wikileaks founder or the Democrats will win. He needs to return to his constituents and forget what the people surrounding him are telling him to do. He needs to stand up and say “Leave Assange and the First amendment alone!” The question is, will he come to his senses in time?

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