Anonymous Continues to Attack the UK: Free Assange or Chaos Will Ensue

Anonymous haa continued it’s attacks on the UK and Ecuador all week, including an attack last night on leaving it down for at least 13 hours. Today they went after and it is currently down. In the last hour they have also taken out PM Theresa May’s site. (See twets below)

If Assange is not released they have promised chaos and the biggest cyber attacks yet. Will they take down the entire UK government? Let’s wait and see.

2 thoughts on “Anonymous Continues to Attack the UK: Free Assange or Chaos Will Ensue

  1. V

    Your reports are much appreciated!

    Have linked your site at – a fairly new site, averaging about 100,000 unique visits per day. It’s better quality than Drudge. One can comment and the host, Kane, interacts with his readers.

    Linked yours in this thread and earlier:

    (Those threads disappear within a few days, so here is the archived link:)


  2. V

    This is my wish for Julian Assange

    Giving Assange immunity (instead of charging him for 2010 events) – dropping all charges worldwide, no extradition from UK, safe passage to a country of his choice, would be the right thing to do, so that he can once and for all give his evidence as to who really leaked the DNC and Podesta emails. (If it’s one person, Seth Rich, then I think it would be right, even though JA doesn’t want to disclose sources.)

    Let’s finish this.

    At 0:41 – Let’s finish this.



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