Julian Assange: Journalist and Mastermind

Julian Assange is not just a journalist. He spent many years working on encryption and was the p5uoneer of encrypted lockboxes that many publishers use today to protect their sources. His organization Wikileaks pioneered a new form of reporting via the internet. They invented a style of giving information to the public through a scientific method of verifying the accuracy of that data. He literally changed the news as we know it.

His fearless fight against lawless governments and corruption workdwide has made many hail him as hero. While many countries call him enemy of the state for his straightforward approach on revealing the facts. In 11 years, Wikileaks has never had to retract a single item of data due to its form of verification.

The US DOJ wants to extradite him on a decade old leak showing Afghan and Iraqi war crimes committed by the US military. However, prosecuting Julian Assange is a direct attack on journalism itself due to the precedent it would set. By prosecuting Assange it would be the end of truthful revealing facts against lies told by governments. It would enable the jailing of journalists for reporting the truth.

The EU parliament stated recently they are concerned for Assange’s well being if extradited as they passed a whistleblower protection act. They also agreed that the EU should give him asylum though it is doubtful that the British leadership will relent. The UK seens to be hellbent on serving it’s former colony.

Many media personalities claim Assange is not a journalist due to what they call “data dumps”. This is wrong due to the fact that that Wikileaks redacts its leaks to ensure safety as much as possible. Besides, the list of Assange’s journalism awards is huge. The EU recently awarded him the Galizia award for whistleblowers and the Defenders of the right while he is incarcerated. This year he was also nominated for the Nobel peace prize.

Assange is an innovator and a pioneer far ahead of his time and journalists everywhere should appreciate what he has done for the future of reporting. People should stand up and fight for the man who only wanted justice for the innocent and for us to have the ability to speak out.

Julian Assange is more than a journalist. He is a hero…

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