The Real Truth Behind the Arrest and Persecution of Julian Assange

For those of you who think that somehow Trump is going to save Julian Assange in the end, it’s not going to happen. He has an agenda put in place to wipe out free press. Pay attention folks! All he does is complain about “Fake News”. Whether the news is true or not, press freedom and free speech gives them the right to report even if it’s smears. You can’t prosecute their opinion. It’s against the First Amendment.

I can’t believe how far the sheep mentality will take most people. The arrest and torture of Assange over the last 7 years is a crime against humanity. It is against human rights and international law. The precedent set by this atrocity will lead us right where the Deep State wants us, a world government with no rights at all. If Assange is indeed extradited and put away, it will be the death of real journalism. Others who attempt to shed light on government crimes will be arrested. Wikileaks and any organization like it will be nonexistent. We will be unable to speak out against our own leadership. This is called tyranny and authoritarianism.

Are we fools? Can we not see what the elite want? They want us to be slaves. Assange spoke out against their agenda to oppress the average citizen and they did not like their plans exposed. They silenced him. The threat against free press is real folks and you better fight against it or suffer.

Yes, we will suffer if we allow this. The NWO will take over our lives and ensure we work ourselves to death serving their needs. Life as we know it will end. Remember NAZI Germany? The first thing Hitler’s brown coats took out was free press. This was the beginning of real fascism.

Trump is just a puppet in the greater scheme of things. The real ruling authority is a shadow government that’s roots are so thick and involve so many people we would be shocked. We would no longer rule our own countries but a great power would from beneath the surface. We must rise up or see our way of life end. We must save Assange to save ourselves.

One thought on “The Real Truth Behind the Arrest and Persecution of Julian Assange

  1. Deborah VanderHamm

    I agree with you, however, the future is in the hands of God. 4,000 years ago he told us how this would end.
    We may be able to stall the inevitable, but this war is a spiritual war between good and evil.


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