Ecuador Releases Photos and Video Trying to Make Assange Look Like a Dirty Houseguest

Ecuador released photos and a video of Assange’s supposed dirty living quarters claiming he often left feces on the wall and feces covered underwear in the bathroom. They claim his personal hygiene was bad and he lived in squallor. However the photos shown show very little.

In fact, my house often isn’t much cleaner. The video showed Assange skateboarding through the Embassy. The Daily Mail is attempting to make him appear like a child and Ecuador claims he often left the cooker on. Which is quite funny because don’t we all forget to shut the oven off occasionally?

Every picture shows Assange clean and well dressed as a professional would do. If he ever looked unkempt in his living quarters, so what? Most will admit to lazing around in their pajamas on days off.

Pictured below is the room Assange spent most of his time in.

Ecuador is simply trying to make excuses for their obvious violations of their own law and international law that protects refugees. They are trying to cover up for the illegal bribes from the United States DOJ to turn over Assange for extradition. The bribe included an IMF loan for 4.5 billion dollars which was approved several days after the DOJ charged Assange.

In an earlier statement from Assange’s doctor, Dr. Sean Love tweeted:

“Never did I witness Assange having poor hygiene or discourteous behavior toward embassy staff. His suffering was readily apparent, yet he was always pleasant, professional; admirable characteristics under extreme and punitive circumstances.”

Dr Sean Love MD

There is not one single person who visited Assange during the 7 years he was in the Embassy who has ever complained of his personal hygiene or cleaning habits. Like anyone who is completely absorbed in their work, Assange may have left dishes until he was finished or left clutter laying around. Simply put, we are all guilty.

The smears coming from media shows their ignorance and obvious jealousy of an award winning journalist and Nobel Peace Prize Nominee. What they don’t realize is that they may be next on the agenda…

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