Ecuador Backs Down on Their Threat to Expel Assange

In recent news, it appears Ecuador has backed down on it’s threat to expel Julian Assange. This is most likely due to the outrage shown by supporters worldwide and their response to this threat. Official communication from Ecuador is below:

According to Wikileaks today as referenced in the tweet below states;

“In a statement, Ecuador’s Foreign Minister denies that it will expel Assange “imminently”. However does he does not deny a plot to expel and twice references @WikiLeaks reporting on the #INApapers offshore corruption scandal engulfing the president.”

With a huge turn out at rhe Ecuadorian embassy in London, Julian Assange trending worldwide Thursday a constant barrage of tweets and articles on social media, i think it was Assange supporters reaction that actually has kept the expulsion from happening. A combined effort is the power of the people to influence people’s way of thinking.

Just being a drop in a puddle may make you think you are not making a difference, but a bombardment of drops can turn a puddle into an earth changing flood. It is important we do not give up but remember to keep fighting. Joining organizations like Unity4J, Operation Free Assange, Friends of Assange and protesting, tweeting and making simple phone calls truly does make a difference. Donationg to defend, helps support Wikileaks and Assange’s legal fees. Distributing flyers, organizing a protest, or simply writing a letter is another way to help.

It is evident, this is a long uphill battle but everyone fighting is making a difference every single day. Fighting against governments and one of the most powerful countries department of justice is not easy. We must continue the battle as long as is necessary to #FreeAssange

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