Back in the Fight to Free Assange

I’ve been extremely depressed since I came home from London in early January after standing watch over Julian Assange for 21 days.  I couldn’t really figure out the cause.  It seems to get worse every day but I finally understand what the problem is.  When I was in London I had a purpose and felt like I was doing something important.  My life had meaning.  It was kind of like when you attend that concert you dreamed of seeing. During the concert, you all excited and screaming with the crowd and it’s the best thing on earth.  You’ve waited for months to hear that band play.  Two days later, you are still kind of on that high but it’s fading.  A month later, it’s a distant memory and you are back in your humdrum life.

My problem was that I wasn’t expecting to completely lose focus on the most important thing (other than raising my children) that I have ever done in my life.  The last month I have slowly stopped working so hard to Free Julian Assange and I am truly ashamed of myself.  Many of you look to me for news and love to read my articles and see my memes.  I want to apologize for losing sight of my goal.  I am sorry I forgot in my own selfishness what my true purpose and my calling.  Most of all, I send my regrets to Julian himself.

There is nothing more important than working to free him.  He stands for so many things. He stands for truth, justice, free speech, free press, and human rights.  His persecution shows the unjust manner in which the U.S. government chooses to treat journalists who expose their corruption.  He has been tortured for 8 months through solitary confinement.  He is a victim of a horrible crime against humanity itself and I let my own emotions stop me momentarily in the fight.  For that, I am more than remorseful.

I am back folks with a new vigor and desire to reach our goal of not only freeing Assange but seeing him vindicated for the misery that they have put him through. I intend to another vigil in DC in the Spring and June 19th if he is still detained then.  I hope you will forgive me for my momentary lapse of reason and stand with me to FREE ASSANGE!Julian-Assange-Embassy-724516

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