A Call Out to Journalists who Aren’t Supporting Julian Assange

You think it won’t affect you but it does…

The fact is that the persecution and silencing of publisher and journalist Julian Assange will inevitably affect journalists worldwide. It is only the beginning of the violation of free speech and free press worldwide. It will set a precedent for all media who do not follow the government’s standards for propaganda and news.

I have written before how Hitler’s browncoats took over the media first and burnt books that did not agree with their agenda. In fact, the purging of independent journalists on social media has already begun. Journalists worldwide are being murdered. When will you wake up?

Don’t forget the poem written by Pastor Ronald Niemoller seen below:

First they came for Assange… But you did not care. When they finally come for anyone who tells the truth including you, then you will wish you stood up for Julian when you had the chance. In October 2018, the independent published an article on the growing number of journalists being murdered seen here.

According to their article:
According to the Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ), a New-York based organisation defending the freedom of the press, at least 43 journalists have been killed in 2018 so far. The figure includes those who died in the line of fire while covering conflicts or on dangerous assignments, as well as those who were murdered. Russian journalists Alexander Rastorguyev, Kirill Radchenko and Orkhan Dzhemal were killed in June while working on a story in the Central African Republic.Figures released by the CPJ show that 46 journalists were killed in 2017.

These numbers are increasing and as Assange is isolated and being pressured to leave his asylum more and more journalists are being silenced in our midst. Where is the outrage?

You would think high profile media personalities would be protesting such an atrocity on a fellow comrade. Instead, they join in the propaganda and attempt to smear their peer. This is a disgusting display of apathy and passiveness. It’s easy to collect that paycheck and live like an elitist rather than put your own neck on the line and speak the truth, isn’t it?

I can only hope the public sees you for what you are and are able to save this man before it’s too late. For #FreePress and #FreeSpeech.

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