Smearing Julian Assange

The recent fake news surrounding Julian Assange is nothing new. In fact, the character assassination against Assange by mainstream media is beyond any smear they have ever done against any Presidential candidate or leader in the history of journalism. It is simply a disgusting attempt to destroy the truth that Wikileaks brought to the public.

Actually, the destruction of who Assange is has been going on since the Collateral Murder video . The U.S. has continuously used media to try and destroy the truth that Assange and Wikileaks lays on the table with smears.

Almost every mainstream media organization has at some time distorted the Swedish allegations calling them charges and called his political asylum in the Ecuadorian embassy in London either being “holed up” or escaping justice.

The problem is that by smearing Julian with outright lies, they are making their own organizations less trustworthy. I believe there is a fine line between supporting free speech and allowing reporters to flat out lie. Those who commit slander and libel against an individual can destroy organizations and lives. These people should be held accountable for spreading their rumors. I see nothing wrong with a good court case to sue those who destroy others.

Quoted from the UKs inquiry into fake news and bribes, you can see Julian’s submission here

“The truth has positive social utility because it helps us to
understand the world around us…..However, the same reasons that give the truth positive social utility also means that lies have negative social utility; they undermine our understanding of the world.” – Julian Assange

The whole piece is very well written as Assange is known for and contains very helpful information. I recommend reading the whole thing.

When it comes to news articles that smear, one must ask themselves what the author hopes to gain by doing so. What is their ulterior motive? Is it government propaganda? What prompted them to lie? Oftentimes, when a person asks themselves these things they find that the article is not the truth.

Unfortunately in the case of Assange, it doesn’t just make him look bad but may literally be a life and death matter. The US government will use any devices necessary to get their grimy evil hands on him to make him an example. By doing so, they intend to instill fear into all journalists who attempt to bring the truth to the masses.

In reality, our government isn’t just persecuting Assange and planning to destroy him…

They are doing this to every US citizen by persecuting first amendment rights. So even if you don’t like Julian, fight for him for your own good & your childrens!

Hold media accountable for fake news by boycotting those spreading disinformation and vet everything you hear and read.

2 thoughts on “Smearing Julian Assange

  1. James Davis

    The harder the media and US try to smear Julian Assange’s reputation, the more things get exposed to the light. Coverup and denials, as well as hostile attacks against Assange and others that expose things means that the whistleblowers are on the right track and should persevere to expose more, and hope fully more people will find the courage to come forward to expose the evil that sometimes goes on in plain sight but is hidden under the cover of lies!


  2. Donald J. Trump the people of this great country will not be silent if the persecution of Publisher and Truth teller Julian Assange moves forward. Against the backdrop of #FakeNews Wikileaks has been instrumental in exposing the Clinton cabal and ensuring your victory against her. We are greatful for his help and we are demanding, not asking that you return that favor on behalf of the American people and issue a Pre-Emptive Presidential Pardon IMMEDIATLEY!!! #OperationFreeAssange


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