Why I feel I Must Go to London and Stand Watch Over Julian Assange

I recently made a promise to Assange supporters on Twitter which I intend to carry out. I promised that I would stand watch over Julian, take pics and videos as well as report on anything that happens. Most of you know that I would take a bullet for this man and will stand up to stop anything from happening to him. Yes, I would get arrested to try and protect him. Some have said I overdo my support a bit, others that I am bullheaded (my mother before she passed away in August, bless her soul) and some understand my activism. This man has done more than just save the US from the clutches of Hillary! He has been nominated for the nobel peace prize 8 years in a row, has won dozens of journalism awards, has exposed war crimes, spoke on the dangers of AI and climate change and is a hero for his integrity and strength in the face of a world superpower. Want a good example of what a hero really is for your child? Look to Assange.


This is my calling in life or maybe my destiny. I found something worth giving up nearly anything for. Since I was a child I wanted to make a difference. As I grew older, I realized you can’t change the entire world all at once, but by changing the world for one person, you can make a difference. I cannot stand and watch as an innocent man is slowly assassinated in an embassy without sunlight, fresh air or medical care. He was completely isolated for nearly 8 months and even now has an outrageous protocol, (you can see the document here), that must be met for visitors or phone calls. His internet access is limited and he cannot speak about politics to anyone.

Add to the already disgusting list of human rights violations the fact that Ecuador pulled added security from Assange in May seen here.

Ecuador will scale back security at its London embassy after news reports placed a $5 million price tag on operations protecting its most famous resident, WikiLeaks publisher Julian Assange, its government announced.

“The President of the Republic, Lenin Moreno, has ordered that any additional security at the Ecuadorian embassy in London be withdrawn immediately,” the government of Ecuador said in a statement Thursday.

According to @AssangeLegal, Julian cannot have visitors on the weekend limiting access to food unless given to him beforehand. As he now has to pay and obtain his own food .

assange legal


With a recent attempted break-in thwarted by Assange himself, there must be people who stand watch at night after Embassy staff leaves the premises. Any attempt to kidnap or hurt Assange must be prevented at any cost. This is where others and myself can step in by alerting police and possibly running the perpetrator off. If Ecuador refuses to protect their own asylee, then his supporters must step in and help do it themselves! I will pay for most of this out of my own pocket, taking a leave of absence from work and possibly be jobless afterward, but this is the most important thing I have ever done in my life and I intend to see it through!

If you feel inclined to help, you can donate via gofundme here. Thank you in advance!


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