Assange suing Ecuador for Violating His Fundamental Rights

I’m calling out several MSM stories in which they published fake news about Julian Assange. Not that this should surprise anyone as MSM has made it a practice to spread smears and try to destroy the public’s opinion of Julian for years. Recently, Assange filed a lawsuit suing the country of Ecuador for violating his fundamental rights and freedom. After Ecuador wrote a ten page restriction on Assange being reconnected to the outside world, News Organizations like NBC and the Guardian made their own presumptions and made it out that Assange was suing for Ecuador not doing his laundry etc. This is a flat out lie.

First of all, in no country would a lawsuit like what they are reporting even make it in front of the court of law. It’s absurd to think it would. Secondly, Julian would never make himself look so foolish.

What the lawsuit is about is the human rights abuses that have taken place since March 28th of this year under President Lenin Moreno. Julian has been in solitary confinement without phone, visitors or internet access. According to this statement that Wikileaks released on Twitter found here:

Ecuador refused to let Human Rights Watch General Counsel Dinah PoKempner, who likened Ecuador’s isolation to “solitary confinement” [] see him as well several meetings with his lawyers. Ecuador’s measures against Julian Assange have been widely condemned by the human rights community.

Assange’s lawyer Garcon is also questioning the legality of the requirements in the 10 page restrictions. According to the leaked document, if Assange so much as leaves a dirty item of clothing on the floor, he can be evicted which would result in his arrest and extradition to the US where he faces either life in prison or the death penalty. In other qords, the new government in Ecuador sees no problem in their citizen and optical refugee getting the death penalty for leaving clothes on the floor. Sounds pretty harsh if you ask me.

Recently, trolls on Twitter have made statements regarding Assange not appreciating what Ecuador has done for him. This is untrue. Under President Correa, Assange was treated decently and with respect and Assange was thankful for that. Under Moreno, Assange has been treated as a prisoner with no trial. This is due to pressure from the US government to end Assange’s asylum so he can face charges of espionage in America.

In the same article mentioned above seen here, this statement is made:

The United States says that under President Moreno, Ecuador has become a “strategic ally” and the country has re-established security and intelligence cooperation. Earlier this week, US congressmen wrote an open letter to President Moreno stated that in order to advance “crucial matters … from economic cooperation to counternarcotics assistance to the possible return of a USAID mission to Ecuador, we must first resolve a significant challenge created by your predecessor, Rafael Correa – the status of Julian Assange”. []
Pressure has mounted on Ecuador to hand Assange over to the UK, especially since Mike Pence’s visit in June in which Moreno and Pence “agreed to remain in close coordination” in relation to Mr. Assange, according to the White House []. The US case against Julian Assange dates back to the Obama administration 2010, but has been expanded under Trump to include the biggest leak in CIA history, Vault 7.

If Moreno were to evict Assange, it would be against his own Constitution. Below is the part of that document that protects Assange from being evicted.

Under international law, Julians rights are protected as well as a political refugee. Asylum is protection, not punishment and Moreno has been psychologically trying to break Assange with his indefinite isolation and now this ludicrous document. The persecution of Assange must end.

MSN is making a mockery of journalism by constantly publishing these blatant lies smearing Assange’s character. In fact, any true journalists would stand up for a fellow publisher. They would stand up against the illegal violations of free speech and free press. They would expose the blatant infringement on Julians rights. Instead they spread government op propaganda and make fools of themselves and other news people.

Don’t let them mislead you. Find the truth for yourself at Don’t be a sheep.

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