A call to Action: Free Assange

This week has truly weighed on my very soul as we heard that Ecuador was going to reconnect Julian. I was ecstatic when I heard this news. Instead, Wikileaks has reported 2 days in a row a legal advisor was turned away after making an appointment. Then a leak was released with 10 pages of rules for Julian to follow if he is reconnected. Several journalists jumped on the information without actually reading it from BBC and AP and wrote false articles relating to Julians cat and his cleanliness. Then, I read today that several Congress people wrote to Ecuador stating they want Assange handed over to the US where he faces espionage inditements.

The 10 page restriction off basically is a form of psychological torture. It is completely a violation of free speech and Assange’s human rights and treats him as though he is in prison already. Basically, it states that if Julian so much as blinks he faces eviction, extradition and the death penalty in the US. See document

Political Asylum is protection not punishment and everything Moreno has done to Assange is not only against Ecuador’s own Constitution but illegal according to international law. Ecuador no longer resembles a democracy but a US run fascist dictatorship unfortunately.

The letter sent to Ecuador from various Congressmen is just as atrocious. See below picture. Link to full document: https://t.co/fO0ZI0vky8

Add to this the promise made by Moreno to end Julians isolation made to UN human rights members and the undeniable delay and I am left completely disgusted with this sick display of psychological torture on a completely innocent man.

Not to mention that Assange has not been able to speak to his children or mother during this time in solitary confinement! To me, this is literally child abuse by Moreno. No child deserves this kind of pubishment. Even prisoners can speak with their children while incarcerated. By denying his children the right to speak to their father, Moreno is causing psychological trauma to innocent children.

I am calling out to every individual who believes in free speech, human rights and justice for his children to stand up against this atrocity! We need feet on the ground to end this. We need letters to those guilty of detaining this man, torturing this man and the leaders involved in all of this! He needs us to step out of our comfort zones and stand up! We need phone calls and protests in the US and the UK. Also in Ecuador there must be a stand! Do not vote in midterms for those involved in writing the statement to Ecuador! Write them and call them! It is time folks to Free Assange!

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