7 Months in Solitary Confinement: Assange’s Persecution Continues…

On October 28th, Julian Assange will have been in literal solitary confinement for 7 months.  He cannot access internet or the phone and is not allowed any visitors except his legal team.  He has been detained arbitrally for 8 years and spent 6 of it in a room the size of a small office without fresh air, sunlight/ Vitamin D or proper medical care.  He is in need of tests due to his failing health and dental care due to a broken tooth while incarcerated in the UK waiting for his bail hearing.  There were never any formal charges filed against Assange by the Swedish government only false accusations by the government itself in order to extradite him to the US more easily where he faces life in prison or the death penalty.  Julian-Assange-Embassy-724516

Julian Assange sought asylum from Ecuador in June of 2012 after threats from the US government of torture (as seen in the image below).  After obtaining the Stratfor emails as seen on wikileaks.org, they discovered the intentions of the US government towards their publisher.  Reading this email literally makes one sick to think anyone that is a government employee would wish this on someone and not be terminated.DkvnHz0WwAE6X4x

After former President Rafael Correa retired from Ecuadorian government, he was replaced through election by Lenin Moreno of the same party.  However, almost immediately, Moreno did a 180 and was thrown out of his own political party.  He has since shown his malice for Julian Assange by calling him a “stone in his shoe.”  On March 28th, 2018, days after Assange offered to give evidence in the Cambridge Analytics case, Moreno declared a gag order to silence Julian.  This occurred after Ecuador asked for 5 billion dollars from the US government and was denied.

Since this took place, Pence has visited Ecuador, met with Moreno there and also in the US.  They have discussed Assange at least in the first meeting with an agreement that Moreno would keep Pence updated on Assange’s asylum.  Moreno has threatened Julian with eviction.  However, as a declared citizen of the Ecuador, his asylum is protected.  In a last ditch effort to make this happen, the Ecuadorian Assembly has called for a vote regarding the documents this week which made Assange a citizen to be made public to look for indescrepencies in the documents. This is a violation of Assange’s privacy rights and Julian will be suing the government for releasing documents previously related to his case.

Moreno has made a hypocrite of himself by saying, “Freedom of expression is a right that should not be subject to control or surveillance” and then stating, “If Mr Assange promises to stop emitting opinions… then we have no problem with him going online.”   You cannot be for free expression and put one of your own citizens in solitary confinement for commenting on political issues as a journalist.  By making this statement, he might as well mix oil with water and expect it to blend well.

According to the UN’s Nelson Mandela Act, anything after 15 days in solitary confinement is considered torture.  To add to this:

“Julian Assange’s refuge in the embassy looks more and more like solitary confinement”—Human Rights Watch General Counsel


Over 100 human rights organizations have stated their disagreement with Assange’s conditions and the Ecuadorian Human Rights Commission and  have denounced his treatment as well.  Ecuador’s former President Rafael Correa called the silencing of Assange torture and has stated this more than once.  Yet, the isolation continues against an innocent man because the corrupt prefer their secrets be kept.

A citizen of Ecuador is quoted as saying on Twitter:

“In Lenin’s Ecuador freedom of expression means: to lie, to damage the reputation of anyone, to protect fraud and deceit by the elites, to hide human rights violations, to hyde the multilple lenin’s violations to the constitution,to hide political persecution etc.”

How long will this persecution continue?  Will we allow a man to die in an embassy or worse yet be extradited and murdered by the US government?  I would certainly hope not.  This is a call to action to #FreeAssange.  Please write letters to the leaders of Ecuador, the US, the UK and Australia where Assange is a natural born citizen.  You can attend demonstrations or create one in a nearby city.  Put up posters.  Educate others on social media and friends and family.  Print out pamphlets and speak to strangers.  We have to end this now before it’s too late!DmWKux7V4AEtBaq


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