On the 6th month of Julian Assange’s Solitary Confinement

assange_time_secret_wikileaks-e1476855073934It has been six months, 181 days and over 2300hours since Julian Assange was gagged by order of President Lenin Moreno of Ecuador.  Has there been any progress?  No, but we have learned many things since it began including why Moreno would do such a cruel, heartless act against a man who sought political asylum and protection from his country.

First of all, we now know that the isolation he has been put in is to try and pressure Assange into no longer speaking about the police brutality in Catalonia but mostly due to US pressure and Assange’s influence on US politics.  Yesterday, in an interview and statement made in an AP article seen here:DoHDbJ8UwAA-BRc.jpg

This is a direct admission of what we have been saying all along. In my article “Who Was Really Behind The Silencing of Julian Assange?”  I discuss the issue of the reasons for his silencing which proved the US’s involvement.  What really matters however, is that Lenin Moreno is literally torturing Julian Assange and has no remorse in doing so.  Julian will not stop discussing these policies as he is an advocate for Free Speech and Free Press and to do so would be going against his very principles.  It would literally be saying, “It’s okay to force a journalist to remain silent.”  This just isn’t in Assange’s makeup to give in on an issue that is so important.

Basically what Moreno has done is tortured an innocent man who is under his protection against his own Constitution.  Ecuador’s Constitution states:


By threatening to evict Assange recently, it was evident that Moreno wants to commit political suicide as violating his own Constitutional law would be doing.  He has already violated it by taking away the rights of Assange.  With no end in sight to the isolation and the fight to Free Assange continuing, it is a travesty that this journalist must suffer.

Recently, Amnesty International made the following statement in regards to the situation of the possible eviction and extradition of Assange:Dmjvw6mWwAAzIMZ.jpg

As stated above, if Julian Assange was extradited to the US there is no guarantee he will not be executed or tortured.  This is the reason he took asylum in the first place.  In the Stratfor email seen below found on the Wikileaks site, it reveals the intentions the US government has for Assange.   DkvnHz0WwAE6X4x

Since it appears his solitary confinement is indefinite and Moreno will not relent and follow the laws of his own country, we must fight hard to gain his freedom.  We must continue unified as one movement to get him Safe Passage home or to a country that will protect him!  We will win!  We will prevail!  Stand strong and Keep Fighting!8f085bcd676dd08204e847d8031e4a27--keep-fighting-inspiring-quotes


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