Who Was Really Behind the Silencing of Julian Assange?

Many have speculated on the reasons behind the silencing of Julian Assange and what country coerced Moreno or if the President of Ecuador did it on his own but the fact is that it really wasn’t over his tweets regarding Catalonia.  Nor do I believe that Spain had anything to do with it.  This article is to explain who I think was behind it and why.  I may make some enemies over this but the truth needs to be told. It was the United States, but not who you may think.  The Clintons had nothing to do with it.  The CIA undoubtedly had their hands in it but the answer is surprising to some but not to those of us who have watched this story unfold.104775233-2ED1-REQ-Assange-R1-101617.1910x1000

Let’s start with the latest article from the Financial Times seen here . According to this article:

“Ecuador said on Friday it would borrow over $1.1bn from international lenders including $500m in a repo operation with Goldman Sachs.”

I know you are asking what this has to do with Wikileaks and the silencing of Assange but I will explain.  If you watch Wikileaks’ Twitter at all, they recently posted this article with this statement attached:

goldman sachs

WL has been saying all along that the US used trade and money to coerce Ecuador into gagging Assange. So we now know that Goldman Sachs from Wall Street obviously had their hands in the agreement because they are now lending them money.  Next I will show you an article on how Goldman Sachs who for years was on the border of failing pulled out and why. Here is the link: Link between Goldman Sachs and the Trump administration

As we know according to this article from the Hill, Trump is very much involved with Goldman Sachs and naming it’s top officials.  This is what made me go, “HMMM!”  So many are saying Trump loves Wikileaks and it seemed so pre-election when he stated almost 150 times how much he cared for the organization.  The problem is, in April of 2017, he gave the go ahead to arrest Julian Assange when Sessions said he was making it a priority to take him into custody.  In my article, “Why It Is Dangerous for Assange to Come to the US” I outlined and showed the articles where these statements came from.  I also showed how the former CIA director, Mike Pompeo, (who is now the Secretary of State), did a 180 on Julian and his organization after the election and called not only for his immediate arrest but also called Wikileaks a “hostile non-state intelligence organization”. He compared them to a terrorist organization and was quoted as saying the following:

But Mr. Pompeo’s harshest words were reserved for Julian Assange, calling the WikiLeaks founder a “narcissist” and “a fraud — a coward hiding behind a screen.” (quoted from this article: Pompeo article )

So we have proof that Trump’s state department may be behind the silencing of Assange.  Let’s also look at a former statement from our President in 2011 about Wikileaks and what should be done about Julian Assange in 2010 after Cablegate.  (link ) Here, as a business man, Donald Trump makes the statement:

“I think it’s disgraceful, I think there should be like death penalty or something,” Trump said during the quick exchange.

And here is the same statement: (link)

According to the truthful source based off of Wikileaks iamwikileaks :

Trump DOJ charges

In an April 2017 address to the Center for Strategic and International Studies, CIA Director Mike Pompeo’s delivered a tirade against WikiLeaks, in which he declared the organisation a “hostile intelligence service” and said, “we can no longer allow Assange and his colleagues the latitude to use free speech values against us.”

Later that month, several media outlets reported that the Trump Department of Justice had prepared charges to prosecute WikiLeaks’ Julian Assange, each with slightly different information about what the charges might entail.

The Washington Post reported that US officials are “taking a second look at a 2010 leak of diplomatic cables and military documents and investigating whether the group bears criminal responsibility for the more recent revelation of sensitive CIA cyber-tools, according to people familiar with the case.” During Manning’s court martial, the government’s lawyers attempted to prove that Assange “conspired” in the 2010 disclosures by “directing” Manning to leak certain documents. In her statement to the court explaining her actions, Manning directly rejected this claim, saying no one from WikiLeaks ever directed her, and the military judge acquitted her of “aiding the enemy.”

The Post also reported that prosecutors have been “drafting a memo possibly including conspiracy, theft of government property or violating the Espionage Act.” CNN reported that one of the key elements for investigators was related to WikiLeaks work assisting NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden.

Throughout his presidential campaign, Donald Trump praised WikiLeaks for publishing documents from the DNC, even saying, “I love WikiLeaks”, encouraging them to leak more documents, and publicizing DNC disclosures. In an interview with AP after the charge announcement, however, Trump said that “it’s OK with” him if Assange is arrested.

This is my final reason as to why he was silenced and by whom.  Days before Ecuador took Assange’s rights away to internet, visitors and the phone, Julian Assange had intentions of testifying on Cambridge Analytics.  Some question was his testimony was.  Here is the article from March 20th in the Washington Times. (Cambridge Analytics and Julian Assange )

Regardless of what he was going to prove, Assange was coincidentally isolated days after his intended statement.  I find it rather odd as well that if President Trump truly felt the way he said he did about Wikileaks before his election, that he has done nothing about Assange’s illegal detainment or his solitary confinement for the last 5 months.  In fact, it angers me.  I voted for this man and am ashamed that he is allowing this infringement of first amendment rights and human rights to continue. Looking at all this information, I want you to decide if this is right.

It is time for either the President of the United States to step up and do what is right in this situation or take full responsibility for the evil act that has been placed upon Assange since March 28th, 2018 as his own doing,  It is time we hold Trump accountable for what is happening to this publisher and journalist. It is time we call on Donald Trump to end the persecution of a journalist that has lasted nearly 8 years.  If we do nothing, we are as guilty as the politicians who have instilled this evil on Julian.

Please write or send a postcard to:

President Donald J Trump

The White House

1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW

Washington, DC 20500

If you would like a downloadable postcard to print out, along with a  pre-addressed second side with plenty of room to add your message, you can find it here:

link and link2

Feel free to use the postcard to send to other heads of state as well.

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