Advocating for Assange

hijx5q0uowvx.jpgWith the current smear campaign against Julian Assange, the fact that he has been in solitary confinement for over 4 months and the division going on among supporters I knew I had to write.  I have to remind people that Julian’s life is in danger and that fighting is exactly what the intelligence agencies want.  They want us divide so the can conquer the campaign we are waging.  This is war in a sense that many don’t realize.

Julian Assange fought for government transparency.  He believes that people have a right to know what their government is doing behind closed doors.  The US government and other governments around the world often hide from us the devious acts they commit and lie to cover them up.  As a people, we need to hold our governments accountable for the evil they perpetrate.  The only way we can do that is if their deeds are shown to us.  This is where Wikileaks came in.

Assange also stands up for human rights and free speech.  All of this has nothing to do with political standing or lines.  It doesn’t matter if you vote Conservative, Liberal or the Center, Julian and Wikileaks support anyone whose rights are being violated.  So why is there is such division among supporters?  Easy answer.  That’s what our governments want.  United we can conquer and end this war on one man who stood for truth. Divided we will never win the war.assange_time_secret_wikileaks-e1476855073934

This man’s very life is in danger currently.  President Moreno of Ecuador would love to evict him from the Embassy which would result in his extradition to the United States to face espionage charges which would result in a life sentence.  He would most likely be tortured for information or just because the CIA wants to. Just as Manning was treated terrible and tormented, they would do the same to Assange.  This is a very serious situation and if advocates continue to fight among themselves, he will simple either deteriorate or be extradited.

Recently, I shared my thoughts on Twitter about this dire situation and the smear tactics against fellow Assange advocates.

“The current division among Assange supporters needs to stop NOW! Drop the high school drama, the childish games and unite to or simply get off the bus. This man’s life is in danger. We have no time to referee fights!”

Julian’s mother, Christine Assange, has routinely stated her concern over people arguing over political bias and supporters who attack others.


Many people who have posed as allies of Assange have recently outed themselves as fakes.  True supporters of Julian not only stand up and fight for his freedom but do not include themselves in the bashing and smearing of his character.  We must remain strong even when we do not agree with what others believe.  This man’s very existence is at stake.  It’s not a joke.  We are not supporting a candidate for office, we are fighting for his life!

Here are some things you can do as a Assange warrior:

  1. Educate yourself. Know the facts. If you can’t answer with a statement you know is true, refer a person to or
  2. Write letters to leaders, newspaper editors, legislators, the DOJ or the current branch of law enforcement in your country.  Here is an example letter with many addresses you can write. Letter and Addresses
  3. Attend local vigils or organize one.  Christine Assange will spread the word via Twitter @AssangeMrs if you organize one and so will I if you contact me @AngelFoxToday71
  4. Sign petitions.  Write petitions.
  5. Make the Call.  Call your leaders and demand they work to free him
  6. Share memes on social media.
  7. Write articles. Write letters and share on social media.
  8. Donate to his legal fund to help pay his legal fees at Legal Fund link

It takes five minutes to call and leave a message if you cannot do anything else.  A postage stamp and a few minutes to write a letter.  We need to fight now before it’s too late.  He deserves this.  We cannot watch as our governments overthrow our rights as individuals.

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