Emergency Demonstration in DC August 4th in Front of the White House

Due to recent news and events concerning the possible eviction of Julian Assange from the Ecuadorian Embassy in London, there will be an emergency vigil August 4th, 2018 at 11 am in front of the White House on the street near Lafayette Park.  I am calling on all journalists, former whistleblowers, human rights advocates, musicians and anyone else to please contact me if you would like to speak on behalf of Julian Assange.Di5duqEXgAMfNt8

This is very important as the arrest and extradition of Assange to the US will set a precedent for journalists everywhere in that the United States will be able to prosecute anyone who publishes anything that the government and intelligence agencies don’t like.  It is a direct assault on free press, free speech and the Constitution of the United States as well as human rights offense.  If the world’s people do not stand up against this wicked and cruel act, it is the end of everything we have all fought for.

We, as people, must realize, regardless of our political biases, that what is happening to Julian Assange will effect all of us and destroy the future for not just us, but our children and grandchildren.  We must realize what happens to Julian happens to us all.  We cannot allow the atrocious nature of his isolation and possible end of his asylum.  Political asylum is supposed to be protection, not punishment.  By doing what Ecuador is doing, they are making a farce out of international law and the UN ruling regarding not only asylum but the ruling on the illegal detainment of Assange.

Please, stand up and show President Trump that We The People will not stand for this disgusting act of tyranny against a publisher and journalist.  Stand and tell him that we will not stand by and watch while our country does the unthinkable.  Join supporters today in DC and help us  #FreeAssange!!!!DinM0IsU0AEFsyt

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