How Intelligence Agencies Undermine Support of Whistleblowers and their Publishers

Recently the Q-Anon phenomena has been brought to my attention through constant tweeting by followers who seem to view them as a sort of information source for all things Trump.  I kept out of the discussion as it was not doing any harm for these people to follow a horoscope like Anonymous but recent events from Q have come to light which have made me believe that they are very much a govt psyops invented to move the people in the wrong direction. images.jpg

Suzie Dawson has covered this in her series of tweets found here. (@suzi3d thread on Q Anon ) However, that is not what this thread is about.  It is more about how the NSA and CIA can use something like this to mislead people and undermine support of whistleblowers and publishers like Wikileaks.

First,  I have included a copy of part of the strategy used by First of America in 2010 and the following intel agencies ( Palantir Technology, HBGary & Berico Holdings) in hopes of destroying Wikileaks. As you know, this strategy didn’t work.0_BLnRbyxZCukTEmc1.jpg0_iFD4zKwzZVebx62b.jpg

Intelligence Agencies across the world have used technology and their vast ability to collect information on the human psyche in order to better achieve their goal of world domination.  By using techniques, such as Suzi Dawson mentions in her thread, they are able to manipulate the average citizen into believing nearly anything they choose.  It’s simply a form of brainwashing used on a higher level.

By first establishing an audience that begins to believe in what they are releasing, even using actual facts at first, they begin to make people believe their Pied Piper scheme.  They will naturally lead their followers to believe they are on their side with statements that shows support of the followers opinions and beliefs.  Once a large following has been put into place, they begin to drop statements that will begin to undermine support of people like Edward Snowden, KimDotCom, Wikileaks, Julian Assange and others.

Recently, a statement made by QAnon was simply “We have the Source” which many believed meant they had Julian Assange.  The statement in itself is not direct but misleads the reader to believe they have Julian.  Another recent statement definitively stated that Julian was free and Wikileaks was compromised by the CIA.  This is just an example of how what appears to be a good source of info becomes a false source that followers believe without a doubt. This did not come about until Wikileaks itself questioned who QAnon was and Julian himself was gagged by the Ecuador government.  Of course, right now, Julian cannot defend himself on Twitter because he is not allowed internet access, phone, or visitors to do so. It is also suspicious that the group that originally was hunting down Edward Snowden was known as the Q group.  If that doesn’t raise eyebrows, I don’t know what will.

By first spreading true information, intelligence agencies, posing as anonymous sources inside the government, are able to bring about an audience of believers who are looking for someone to make their wishes come true.  #DrainTheSwamp #LockHerUp #Justice4Assange are what many want and are not getting.  They give supposed dates that this may or may not happen with clues and codes that really have no definitive statement in them but allow the reader to “suppose” or come up with their own conclusions of what it means.  That way, followers can never say, “AHA! They are wrong!”.  Instead, they tell themselves, I just misunderstood the clue or code. By getting the reader to come to their own conclusions of happenings in the news and on social media, it enables that psyop to create a false atmosphere of truth.

A government Operative will never be targeted by intelligence agencies unlike truth tellers like Wikileaks and Julian Assange.  Their will be no false allegations from the governments.  Supporters will be left alone.  People who back the govt op will never be marked as criminal or face jail time. You will never see an FBI investigation or CIA going after them as whistleblowers even though they may release truth. They will make you believe you are getting hidden facts and that you are “in the know” of what is really going on, when in fact, they never really gave you anything to begin with but “clues”.

In order for this type of psyop to work it must be based originally in reality.  By showing false support in a narrative such as #MAGA or #DrainTheSwamp:, they enable themselves to destroy those they choose to destroy.  All statements must be based on something the devotees believe.  It must be a credible truth constructed in a manner that it cannot be questioned by the reader.  The source must also not be known. This is known as a GRAYOP. This op is intended to sway large audiences into believing a government produced narrative that is actually false.  Example would be weapons if mass destruction in Iraq.

3 ways this is used is through the news, social media and simply word of mouth.  It is more believable when you hear from someone who believes in it.  Think about the story of the Pied Piper.  How he made the city believe he was a savior but later was found out to be evil and stole their children.  This is what a govt operative is. It misleads people to believe it will somehow save them from what is bothering them the most. It makes you believe that it is helping rescue you when in fact, its objective is to do the exact opposite.


Wikipedia describes psychological operations here psyops on wikipedia

The purpose of United States psychological operations is to induce or reinforce behavior favorable to U.S. objectives. They are an important part of the range of diplomatic, informational, military and economic activities available to the U.S. They can be utilized during both peacetime and conflict. There are three main types: strategic, operational and tactical. Strategic PSYOP include informational activities conducted by the U.S. government agencies outside of the military arena, though many utilize Department of Defense (DOD) assets. Operational PSYOP are conducted across the range of military operations, including during peacetime, in a defined operational area to promote the effectiveness of the joint force commander’s (JFC) campaigns and strategies. Tactical PSYOP are conducted in the area assigned to a tactical commander across the range of military operations to support the tactical mission against opposing forces.

PSYOP can encourage popular discontent with the opposition’s leadership and by combining persuasion with a credible threat, degrade an adversary’s ability to conduct or sustain military operations. They can also disrupt, confuse, and protract the adversary’s decision-making process, undermining command and control.[1] When properly employed, PSYOP have the potential to save the lives of friendly or enemy forces by reducing the adversary’s will to fight. By lowering the adversary’s morale and then its efficiency, PSYOP can also discourage aggressive actions by creating disaffection within their ranks, ultimately leading to surrender.”

When you reduce supporters willingness to fight by disrupting, confusing and controlling the thoughts of these individuals, they undermine the support for the causes in which they want to destroy.  By fabricating stories about those causes such as keeping whistleblowers from facing prosecution because they are “free” or compromised, it enables the agencies to better destroy those involved.  Not just by taking away your willingness to fight for them but by you not supporting them monetarily.  Many activists, whistleblowers and publishers rely on donations. If donations dwindle they are unable to support their own legal defense because they have no funds to pay for attorneys.

The only way to end this type of operation is to know what it is, think for yourself and instead support those it targets.

“The truth will set you free”


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