Background Information on Speakers at Demonstration for Assange in DC June 19th

Just some information for everyone on the vigil in DC at 11 am June 19th in front of the White House, including speaker bios.  Thought it would be important for people to know a little about the speakers and what they stand for. Here is the list:

Marsha Coleman Adebayo

A former senior analyst for the EPA who filed complaints in 1996 alleging a US corporation was mining vanadium in South Africa harming the environment and human health. The EPA did not respond, and Coleman-Adebayo became a whistleblower. She filed suit against the EPA and on August 18, 2000, a federal jury found EPA guilty of violating her civil rights. Her experience inspired passage of the Notification and Federal Employee Anti-discrimination and Retaliation Act of 2002 (No FEAR Act). She directed the No FEAR Coalition of whistleblowers.

Medea Benjamin

Co-founder of the women-led peace group CODEPINK and the co-founder of the human rights group Global Exchange. She has been an advocate for social justice for more than 40 years. She received numerous prizes, including: the Martin Luther King, Jr. Peace Prize from the Fellowship of Reconciliation, the Peace Prize by the US Peace Memorial, the Gandhi Peace Award, and the Nuclear Age Peace Foundation Award. She is author of “Drone Warfare: Killing by Remote Control in 2013,”  “Kingdom of the Unjust: Behind the U.S.-Saudi Connection” in 2016 and “Inside Iran: The Real History and Politics of the Islamic Republic of Iran, 2018.”

Angel Fox

Independent journalist who supports human rights, whistleblowers and free speech. Big supporter of WikiLeaks and government transparency.

Margaret Flowers

Co-director of Popular Resistance which works to build the movement for social, economic and environmental justice. She co-founded the Health Over Profit for Everyone campaign for a National Improved Medicare for All health care system in the United States and is a board adviser to Physicians for a National Health Plan. Flowers is a pediatrician who practiced medicine for 17 years before becoming a full-time advocate.

Ray McGovern 

A veteran CIA officer who has become a political activist. McGovern was a CIA analyst from 1963 to 1990, in the 1980s chaired National Intelligence Estimates and prepared the President’s Daily Brief. He received the Intelligence Commendation Medal at his retirement, returning it in 2006 to protest the CIA’s involvement in torture.  McGovern’s post-retirement work includes commenting on intelligence issues and in 2003 co-founding Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity.

Lee Stranahan 

A  journalist, filmmaker and co-host of Fault Lines with Nixon and Stranahan on Radio Sputnik. His diverse background as a journalist includes stints at Huffington Post and Breitbart News.

Kevin Zeese

Co-director of Popular Resistance which developed out of the Occupy Movement and reports on movement news and conducts campaigns on various issue. Zeese is on the advisory board of the Courage Foundation and served on the steering committee of the Chelsea Manning Support Network. He is an attorney who has been a political activist since graduating from George Washington Law School in 1980.

Here is a link to our official FB page

I am very proud to have organized this event with the help of Kevin Zeese who was an awesome aid in this endeavor.

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