An Open Letter to Lenin Moreno Regarding Julian Assange

Dear Sir:

First, I would like to thank the country of Ecuador and you for all you have done for Julian in the past 7+ years of his detainment and for protecting him against persecution by the United States.  This is an incredible stand against the bullying of other countries to silence the truth and is greatly appreciated by myself and his supporters.  Ecuador has made itself known by doing this as a human rights advocate.

However, the recent gagging of Assange is a disservice to human rights the world over.  Please do not make yourself the President of Ecuador who is known for destroying a hero of Western society or be the man who backed down in his stand against intimidation from foreign countries.  This would be a humiliation to yourself and your country.  Your stand for free speech and free press would become a sad reminder of what happens to those who are forced into submission by big government.

There is currently a petition that has over 50,000 signatures circulating asking for you to reconnect Julian Assange and it would be a great stand for you to take to show us and fellow countrymen that you will not be bullied into submission and would help in your re-election efforts to stay in office.  I thank you in advance for doing the ethical thing in undoing the current isolation of Julian Assange.


A Concerned Citizen

One thought on “An Open Letter to Lenin Moreno Regarding Julian Assange

  1. Liana Cáceres

    Why silence a human being that has allowed humankind know so much hidden & awful information about how governments lie to its people?

    Please do not isolate Assange more than an unfair prision would.

    Liberty to Assange!

    Thanks, Ecuador! Thanks, Mr. Alfaro.


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