Stop the Inhumanity: Free Assange

Have you ever been at the bedside of a person who was dying?  Perhaps, you held their hand as they breathed their last breath. Have you watched someone with cancer go from a healthy happy person into a shadow of their former self as they are slowly depleted of their life force before your very eyes?  It is a horrible experience, one that brings tears to the eyes and despair to the soul. If we could, we would do anything to stop this horror from taking place, yet, it is happening before our very eyes in an Embassy in London.  Most people turn their heads to this atrocity and blatantly ignore what is going on.  Day in and day out, the ongoing slow death of a heroic journalist is purposely overlooked.

Detained illegally for over 7 years against 2 UN rulings in his favor to release him, Assange is slowly falling apart.  You only have to look at recent pictures of him and go back to the time of his entrance into his political asylum to see what is happening.  Despite this obvious human rights violation and the deterioration of one of the world’s most notable publishers, people turn a blind eye to his situation.  Some even choose to hate him for various reasons exploited by the press that is obvious psyops from the intelligence agencies that seek to destroy him. A journalist who chose to reveal the truth is dying before us and we do nothing.  The cancer of isolation and lack of sunlight, fresh air and proper medical care eating at him day in and day out and we do nothing.

I have written previously about his circumstances and the ramifications that pertain to his current position regarding his detainment and the health and emotional issues that may happen. The Inhumane Detainment of Julian Assange

However, nothing is being done. Judge rule against him that are influenced by Deep State, trolls continue to haunt him, the death threats continue and the US government continue to persecute him and his organization, Wikileaks.  Assange continues to publish the truth about injustice and corruption despite his status at the Embassy, knowing full well it will have consequences.  The victim of government propaganda to dissuade his supporters, his friends, his colleagues and the general public, he stands on his principles with integrity and honor against the higher powers of this world.  Watching as his closest allies turn on him and betray him, he still pursues the truth and the publishing of it.

Are we truly such an evil people that we will turn away and allow this vile persecution to continue?  Do we not see the absolute inhumanity in his confinement? Aren’t we guilty of the injustice being committed by overlooking it and not doing anything?  Julian himself has been quoted as saying in Cypherpunks ““Every time we witness an injustice and do not act, we train our character to be passive in its presence and thereby eventually lose all ability to defend ourselves and those we love. In a modern economy, it is impossible to seal oneself off from injustice.” 

It shouldn’t matter what the victim of injustice thinks or believes or whether we agree with those ideas, we simply need to put a stop to what is going on based on the fact it is wrong.  We need to stand up against the persecution of this publisher, his supporters, and allies and see to it that it ends. Simply because what is happening is wrong.  ap-julian-assange-jc-170519

This man is being tormented with constant onslaughts of hatred and threats.   His physical well being is decaying from lack of exercise and proper sunlight.  Things we take for granted are not available to him.  Visitors are few.  Isolation causes so many health problems both physically and mentally.  Lack of sleep, agitation, loss of sense of time, paranoia and even hallucinations can occur.  Worse yet is the lack of sunlight which can cause heart disease in men, softer bones, depression, diabetes, and cancer.  Can you truly stand back and watch this man die?

What is happening has nothing to do with charges from the UK.  It is all about the US government seeking to destroy a man who brought their corruption to the public and made it impossible for them to continue their criminal behavior.  It is all about the CIA and other intelligence agencies upset that they were found out.  Assange did nothing wrong and should be protected by the First Amendment as other publishers such as the NY Times and Washington Post are, rather than being made an example of because he is not a citizen.  What ever happened to truth and justice?

Simple compassion and sympathy should move us into action but it does not.  Perhaps if somehow each of us could see inside him and watch the passing of time and the slow decay it would change what we are doing and move us to fight and stop the cancer of detainment from taking him from us.  He is one of the greatest minds of our time and could be doing great things. Instead, he is stuck in a room no bigger than a large office.  Fight for Assange’s freedom.

Write to your heads of state, your legislative branches and departments of justice.  Insist they help in freeing him.  Donate to his legal fund at iamwikileaks  legal defense fund

Whatever you can do, but don’t stand idly by while a man dies for speaking the truth!


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