Detained: the plight of Julian Assange

As I gaze out my window at the cold winter’s evening, I stop feeling sorry for myself being so cold when I think of the terrible situation Julian Assange finds himself in.  Just a man who wanted to see the world change by publishing documents proving corruption in the United States government, he has now been detained in the Ecuador Embassy in London for over 7 years without proper exercise, sunlight or fresh air.  Each day, most of us wake up, get ready for work and hurry out the door, taking for granted the fresh air and sunlight we get each day. Perhaps, we should stop a minute on our way and be grateful for what we have instead of griping about another long day at the endless grind.Met-Police-Ecuador-Embassy-London

Would Julian Assange have created Wikileaks if he knew what he knows now? Yes, I believe he would. I believe he is a crusader, a warrior of words, who will always stand up for the underdogs of the world, exposing corruption through truth.  Sometimes, a hero emerges from the crowd without even realizing he is about to become history.  Not that Julian’s human rights fight started with Wikileaks in 2006.  Julian has been crusading long before he even thought of the organization he created.  He published his first non-fiction book at 25 and once helped Australian police to shut down an online pedophile ring by using his excellent computer skills and the list goes on.

I cannot imagine what it must be like for him, day in and day out, in that room, longing to be free.  If he were guilty of anything, I would feel no sympathy but the fact is, he was set up that the United States government could extradite him. In fear of the extradition, Assange sought political refuge in the Ecuadorian Embassy and so the long detainment began…14685887042109

I don’t think anyone can imagine the depression and loneliness that the isolation must cause, let alone the lack of sunlight and the health issues his confinement are causing.  My heart hurts and the tears fell as I read that once again, his legal attempts to be freed are thwarted by the UK government’s refusal to be humane and just.  How any human being can see his conditions and refuse to let him go is beyond my simple comprehension.  However, corruption runs deep in most governments today and when a country is in bed with the US it must be difficult to be fair and sympathetic.

Some have called for Assange to give up and come to the United States to be tried, but they do not understand the ramifications of this action.  The Feds would torture him for information and then see to it that he disappeared off the face of the earth, literally.  At this point, I cannot see the grand jury case being dropped or a pardon from Trump in his future and so those of us who long to see him free continue to fight.ap-julian-assange-jc-170519

How long can one man stand to be in isolation without it affecting who he is?  Doctors who have studied situations similar to his have said that it changes the personality of the individual permanently.  It causes depression, paranoia, and severe health issues. 7 years is a long time and I am sure, Assange is not the same man as when he walked through those doors in December of 2011.  Christmases have passed without seeing his children or family, birthdays have gone by and still, he sits in front of his computers sharing the truth with us as though he is not being held like a bird in a cage.

Standing watch outside are Britain’s finest (ahem), police officers standing guard in case Julian steps outside to arrest him on a bail warrant that he most certainly has served more than enough time for.  If he stepped outside now, would they arrest him or would he be shot? After all, The UK government has spent millions making sure he stays put.  What are the chances the British government themselves wouldn’t dispose of this truth teller?

The United States government wants to prosecute him on charges of espionage and theft of government property.  The fact is, however, that he simply published leaks just like the New York Times or the Washington Post.  The only difference is that the documents Wikileaks released were true and accurate and showed the war crimes being committed by the US military in Iraq.  In other words, it made them look bad so they feel the need to get vengeance.  Like a child, those in high government positions are holding a grudge.

So what can we as individuals do to help this hero obtain freedom and help his cause?  More than you might think.  Here is a short list of things I have done that you can do to.

  1. Educate people. Let people know of the injustice and inhumanity involved in his case.
  2. Use social media.  Retweet articles. Send false news to the Wikileaks Task Force.  Retweet memes.
  3. Write letters to heads of state in your country and others.  Write letters to the governing bodies.  Email them and also use snail mail. The more letters written the greater the impact.
  4. Donate to his legal defense fund at I am Wikileaks official donation page even 5 dollars will help or whatever currency you have.
  5. Thank Assange and let him know you are supporting his fight for freedom.  Everyone needs to know that someone cares.

The whole situation has become a terrible atrocity.  One man made a difference and now he is paying the ultimate price.  Stand up and fight and free Assange!8f085bcd676dd08204e847d8031e4a27--keep-fighting-inspiring-quotes


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