Open Letter to President Trump on Ecuador Declaring Julian Assange’s Diplomatic Status

Dear Mr. President:

Sir, in recent days, Ecuador declared Julian Assange diplomatic status in Britain only to have the UK reject his status. This is unprecedented and in fact, against international law. By supporting his status as a diplomat Mr. President you would be gaining support from many outside supporters around the world as well as many Wikileaks supporters here in the United States.  This would benefit you in many ways.  You would not have to go through a lengthy pardoning process and would gain even more support from those of us who want to see Assange freed after his 5.5-year political asylum inside a room the size of a small office. This would also appear to the general public as you supporting international law.

Julian Assange has been detained by the United Kingdom for over 7 years on allegations by Sweden that were dropped last May after Sweden meeting with Assange.  The only thing keeping him there is the possible extradition to the US to face charges which are bogus in nature and were made up under the Obama administration.  Julian Assange and Wikileaks are simply media that published documents given to them just like Washington Post journalists Woodward and Epstein during the Watergate scandal.  Just as the New York Times has purportedly released leaks given to them, so Wikileaks has done the same.  The difference is that Wikileaks has never had to retract a story in its 11 years existence as being false.

Last year, Wikileaks and Julian Assange released emails from the DNC and John Podesta that exposed the corruption of Clinton and her colleagues during the primaries and beyond.  The emails showed media collusion with the Clinton campaign and many of the Clinton Foundation crimes against humanity. This in fact, helped get you elected sir and Wikileaks deserves our appreciation and thanks for saving us from the destruction of a Clinton Presidency and enabled you to MAGA.

Please sir, a pardon would be in order but by supporting his diplomatic status it would allow Julian Assange safe passage to his political asylum in Ecuador where he is now a citizen.  After his detainment, it has affected Julian’s health and well being as seen in this article Possible ramifications of Julian’s detainment

As a United States journalist and citizen, I implore you to support his diplomatic status as a world leader and a compassionate, outstanding human being.

Thank you

A Concerned Citizen


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