Lauri Love’s Case and the Need for a Trial At Home

You probably haven’t heard of Lauri Love and if you have, you probably just know about the case for a trial in the UK rather than the United States.  Yet there is more to this man than meets the eye.  He is and was a political activitist. He is most well known for his role in the student and Occupy Movement in Glasgow during 2011- 2012.  He is prominent in the hacking and surveillance online community and has Asperger’s syndrome. This would hinder him in any US prison and American confinement does not treat conditions like his. In fact, a man like Lauri would be at high risk of suicide in this type of situation.images (4).jpg

There is also a big difference in length of sentence between the United Kingdom and the US.  The US is extremely harsh on people like Lauri, whistleblowers and leakers.  Lauri would face at least a 99 year sentence under US laws.  In the UK, he would probably get a much shorter sentence that would include months rather than years.

The fact is that if a person committed a normal crime in Britain like rape or breaking or entering, they would not be extradited to another country to face charges even if the offense was against an individual from a foreign country.  Lauri Love faces extradition to the US due to his involvement in OpLastResort, an alleged crime committed in England  not the United States.  Even though this crime was against the government in the US, it should be tried where it happened.  lauri_love.jpg

Lauri is severely depressed and needs our support.  We need to stand up against his extradition and end his persecution by the US government’s cruel treatment of people like Love.


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